Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | December 29, 2010

AS Experience

We had plans of shooting AS in August.It was that prithvis projects got delayed that it had to wait.I was actually a bit upset that it was not happening despite us getting ready with everything.Coming to think of it now,it was a blessing in disguise for 2 factors.Ann Augustine and Ajayan Vincent.Probably both wouldnt have been in AS had we shot in August.

Ann is a fine actress.She has convincingly behaved as Anjali Menon in the movie.Hope the freshness will be felt on screen from Jan 28.

Aji(Ajayan Vincent) is brillaint!I dont need to say that actually.But will be reinforced once you watch AS.Undoubtedly is gonna be one of his best works.The mood he brings to a sequence with his lighting is spectacular.He used to give me an apple everyday morning while we leave for the shoot and great shots all thru the day:)

Manu Jagath,our art director has been amazing.The value he has added to the movie must be there to watched.It was hard work,tight schedules but it was a great show.Same for Sameera Sanish,our costume designer..sreejith guruvayur,our make up man.

Rajasekhar,out stunt master is a great guy.We thought of Rajasekhar actually since he had done movies like paruthiveeran,subramaniapuram etc.He shot the chase sequence in the first half and has to say it was out of the world.He repeated magic with the hydraulic rope jump,pre climax sequence etc.He presented me with an expensive hat before he left.Thank u Rajsekhar,not for the hat but for the way you helped me execute those difficult sequences.

Dinesh was our dance master for Ikkanum Nadakarangam.He was coming from big movies like Yenthiran,Paiyya,Vettaikkaran etc.Such a simple man he is.We became friends instantly.You are all going to see that song in a weeks time so I dont want to talk about it more.We shot the song in 3 nights.It was tough affair with foreign dancers,plenty of junior artists..also rains to accompany!First time I felt weak during the shoot was when it rained for 2 nights of that song shoot.Dinesh and his boys helped me immensely through it and completed it in schedule.The song has a story within itself with character introduction of Suraj venjaramood,vijeesh etc..Prithvi,Nedumudi venu,Ann,Police all around the party!Prithvi was having high fever and I had to finish the song in the said time.So much money was at stake.I called him up at 4 AM in the morning to do the end dance bit.He was there in 10 minutes.He rehersed the steps and made sure he perfected it in an hours time.He told me he felt better after the dance..His mom called me next day and told me he was having 103 degree temperature:)

It was a great production team to support this whole stuff.AS has been an almost impossibly  demanding script for a malayalam production team to support.It was not only about money,but having to learn and execute new stuff everyday.My producer S Sunderarajan and Production Controller Vinod Shornur has been great.They all agree this has been the toughest movie of their career.Only because we wanted to do complete justice to the script without compromise.Hope we have the results on screen.

And Prithvi is a delight.He lives and breathes cinema.Long interactions with him during the shoot has broadened my vision on cinema.I am sure Roy Mathew will go down as one among his notable roles.

Thank you guys.For helping me see a dream called Arjunan Saakshi come through!!

Need to write more about my post production team.Thats for later!



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  3. well writen… hope the movie lives up to everybodies expectations… all the best

  4. very nicely written… thanks.


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  6. was eagerly waiting for a malayalam movie maker to blog about his shootin days…vineeth did it sme mnths bk…nw you are doin it elaborately..these will help in the same way as tv shws n print articles do..great goin ranjith…well done..waitin for mre…

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