Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | December 29, 2010

Cameos in AS

AS actually has quite a number of cameos by stars and celebrities.

Mukesh plays one of the most important roles.Brief,but very very significant.

You can see captain raju in another brief stint..again coming at a very important juncture.

Famous television personality Sreekandan Nair makes his movie debut with AS.He plays himself.

T N Gopakumar makes into another interesting show in AS.

Movie starts with C R Nilakantan and Sara Joseph running a campaign against the destruction of kandalkaadu in Valanthakadu.

Anyone else?who knows:)

Leaving for chennai tonight for the edit lock.

See you guys..Spread the word!!



  1. gr8…directing CR and Sara joseph…haha..might b a unique xperience…
    only Kandal…
    could hav touched Endosulfan…chumma paranjatha…

    go ahead…

  2. its interesting…… you are the only new age
    director who thinks about society…spreads the messages…
    and again wishing u, Ranjithetta…. a good luck….

  3. sounds interesting !

  4. Great !!! All the best. directing all non-movie celebrities..interesting. Waiting for jan 28 first show.

  5. അര്‍ജുനന്‍ സാക്ഷി – My promo video

    salil drishyan

  6. Ranjith Abhilash annu ninte saha paadi. There is a minor correction required.

    Sreekantan nair is not debuting in this movie. He has debuted in Malayalam movie industry long back for a movie names Rajathantram. He was the script writer infact.

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