Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | January 4, 2011

AS Car chase

There has been lot of queries on the AS car chase after the asianet and india vision shows yeterday.

Well it comes at a very important point in the AS first half.It needed to be shot in such magnitudes to expose the power of the people behind it.Rajashekhar was the master(I wrote about him before).It required to be shot with care,huge and still realistic!

We shot it during nights in the new infopark highway.Elaborate 2 weeks of preparations were done.Vehicles purchased to be destroyed:)  ..Ramps created for the jumps and collapses..Specialist drivers were hired for the induvidual jumps..

It was lots of money spend.More importantly tons of sleepless effort put in by the entire team.Prithvi came very close to a major hit in one of the shots.Special thanks to Ann augustine for showing the courage to sit through with it.Mind you,not an easy job at all.

Shot with 6 cameras..Our EFX team in chenani still working on it to make it look perfect!All credits to our producer S Sunderarajan for showing the belief in the sequence.

It has come quite close to how it was conceived.Taking into consideration all the practicalities thats not a bad achievement at all!

Watch out for it!



  1. best wishes for the movie.hope the movie turns out to be a good one unlike prithvi’s last one,thriller

  2. Please stop comparing with the crap, thriller..Jus look at the dirctrs name..! This is different material 🙂

    Hope it will be a visual treat..I never ver thrilled hearing the news..If lots of money has put on it should have some sense…After all Ajayan vincent had astonished us giving a raw and genuine feel in bramaram’s road/journey sequences ..less green mats more realistic !!

    the point is We trust you ! Waiting for the visual treat..:)

  3. I had watched yesterdays’ Indiavision episode and was about to ask you about this sequence. Thanks for sharing. Exciting!!!

  4. I am regular follower of your blog. Thanks for sharing the info. It is quite interesting insight into film making to those who have no idea about it. Expect lot more shooting stories in your blog in future.

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