Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | January 7, 2011


A great Effort!

Congrats to Rajesh Pillai,Bobby Sanjay,Mahesh,Mejo and the whole team!!

Wonderful start to 2011..

Watch it today guys.Its a movie not to be missed.

Meanwhile I am told ikkanum song will have to wait for a day or two since there are some procedures with the censors..

Sorry for that:)



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  3. Booked my tickets for tomorrow @ Fame Cinemas, Forum Value Mall-Bangalore.
    Nice thing about Traffic is their Promos were awesome and Anoop Menon had his own publicity going on in his Facebook.
    For me, I am happy that it is releasing on my nearest multiplex. 🙂
    Hope next talk in town would be AS. Looking forward for the first trailers/songs.

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  5. Traffic is jus super..though i felt story was just ok, the narration is really super..Really felt like i was travelling with the actors.

  6. “Traffic” – Extremely Brilliant screen play … succeeded to give a different treatment.. background scores supported a lot in giving the feel and pace…
    But was lacking a beautifull climax… like in “passenger”..

  7. passenger was a real trendsetter…cocktail,traffic ellam aa trend successful ayi follow cheythu..upcoming movie RACE – um oru short periodil (1-2 days) nadakkunna story aanu parayunnathu…
    nyway traffic is a gr8 mvie…hatsoff 2 dirctor nd writers……

  8. actually passenger was d trend setter…nw cocktail n traffic…..awesome muvi by rajesh pilla…esp scripting by bobby sanjay….all actors excels….a gud package 4 d year

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