Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | January 16, 2011


Almost coming to an end with AS.Hectic last few days in chennai.Leaving for kochi tomorrow morning.

Its been an interesting journey with AS this.Started shooting on Nov 12th and almost 2 months down the lane we are almost there!Happens only in malayalam cinema for sure.Should really thank the team behind AS for making this happen.

Hectic days again with AS promotions for the next 2 weeks.

Sorry for being unable to post the AS song on time,some technicial issues.

Will release it officially in a couple of days..

Spread the word guys.!



  1. Keeping the fingers crossed!!

    Alll my prayers for a wonderful result.

    Thought of writing here after seeing few more stills from manoramaonline…

    I must say that the costume designer (esp. Prithviraj’s) and art direction is above the standards…. Let us know who are the guys behind it..

    Try releasing it here in Dubai on 28th itself.


  2. can u promise it would beat traffic…
    im sure everyones gona compare ur film wit traffic!

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  4. Waiting for the promos!!!


    when Traffic released and made it to a big success, everyone started comparing it with Passenger. So, I think there is no point in comparing films as there is no benchmark for “Good Cinema”. Apple is Apple and Orange is Orange.

  5. Thanks Ranjith.

    True Sijith.

  6. Good Luck with your final 2 weeks. Hope everything goes smooth.
    AS Song is already on youtube. Looks good. Is there only one song in this movie ?

    Any release info for US ?

  7. The song looks very an amateur album… but the trailer looks very promising. hope you have created the movie as the way you conceived..

    • Bonny, The song video has been officially withdrawn due to technical issues, as said by Ranjith. So what we have seen till now is not the final version. lets wait for that one to release….

      salil drishyan

    • the comments about the song made me say this..everyone says good only.. that will stop him from being more creative…

  8. Watched the movie on first day. It has a good theme some what similar to passenger. The director did a good job, script too was good.
    As a well wisher I would pin point a scene which could have been avoided.
    The hero fighting with 4 business tycoons and loading them into caravan was something unbelievable.
    Wishing all the best to the crew.


  9. Movie is watchable with a good story line. Could have made better with sleek editing and some corrections in second half.

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