Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | January 19, 2011

What AS means to me?

10 days for the release.Plenty of noise around.Lots of questions raised.inevitable comparisons already beginining to surface..

Actually feeling relaxed now to sit and write this down.

AS is always going to be a very very special film to me because of a number of reasons.First ofcourse being the character of Roy Mathew.I dont know if I will write any such character whom I have truly felt for.There is actually so much of me in Roy Mathew..His thoughts,desires,lifestyle..realistically as such in the first half of the movie..Roy Mathew in the second half becomes my aspirations..What i want to do but unfortunately cannot!Cant be more happy that Prithvi did it.I am pretty sure Roy Mathew is going to do down as one of Prithvis best so far.

When I finished shooting passenger and even when there were so many offers to make new movies after its release,I told everone I am not sure about my next movie.Right now after going through this whole experience of AS I feel movies are going to be my medium from now on.This is where I am going to discover myself,something which I can handle convincingly.

AS means everything to me at this point of time.I love it and treasure it more than anything.But its going to leave me from my private space for the world to see and judge pretty soon.Still somehow i am getting more and more attached to it.AS for sure has helped me grow as a person and as a filmmaker.

It reinforced in me once again after passenger that once you set out with an intent and positive thoughts the world will conspire for you to make it happen.Still remember the first day of AS shoot.Previous 3 days kochi was raining nonstop.We had planned the first days shoot with number of junior artists,sara joseph,c r nilakantan etc at valanthakadu outdoors.First day is very important for a movie as it sets the tone.I couldnt sleep one bit the night before.Every hour I went up to the balcony and looked up the sky!Next day morning it stopped raining just at the time we wanted to shoot.It resumed raining just after finished the first days shoot!

That set the tone for AS.Everything conspired for us.There has been hurdles at each and every stage even from the most unexpected corners.Looking back today its been great.Pressures and limitations can actually help you become more confident and creative.

Go watch AS in your nearest theaters on 28th guys!Go with an open mind to watch a new commercial cinema in malayalam.

You wont be dissappointed!



  1. Thanks for sharing your personal thoughts… we could feel the amount of sincerity in those words.

    salil drishyan

  2. I like the confidence in your last sentence… “You wont be dissappointed” ! Gr8 to hear it..

  3. “World will conspire for you” Paulo Coelho

    It really touched me when u can relate it with your own experience…

    and really inspiring..


  4. Big question – Will you direct for other writers?

  5. By watching “Traffic” and “AS” , so called Conventional film makers should dare to make another one …

    Be a pioneer .. Be a reason for having a couple of fantastic films 4 malayalam in 2011 …

    Congratzz and all the very best …

  6. Thanks for sharing maashe. I am confident this will be the Super/Mega/Terra or( we have to find a new word to replace the success) hit of 2011.
    All the best!

  7. Chetta Best Wishes…we will see the film on fist day..!!!

  8. Hey Ranjith,
    Eagerly waiting for the movie. Nice cast and a good plot. Read your blog – all excited for another different movie.Good luck

  9. Thanks for the inspiring words. Lets see your qualities and thinking thru Prithvi in this movie ! Even though we cannot see this on first day, we will wait for US release..

    Good Luck to you, Team Ranjith Sankar !

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