Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | January 26, 2011

AS 10 second AD



  1. Yes… Posters are already on the walls of Innovative Multiplex…

    2moro @ 10 PM …

  2. expecting more than as passenger did

  3. Hi,me alona.when i watch passenger i am surprised with the story.
    this time i don’t wanna surprise,but simply want to saY “its RANJITHSANKAR MOVIE”!

  4. hi,
    I am an engineer. living at Moorkanikkara, Thrissur.Recently only i knew that your parents belongs to Moorkanikkara. I seen ur film Passenger. It was a novel film. I am eager to watch your second movie.Do a film based on our native place and the peoples lived there. hope u will react. my mob no. is 9446575825
    Radhakrishnan, Edassery

  5. Hi Ranjith Sankar,

    I saw “Arjunan Sakshi” yesterday.
    It is an average movie with lot of positives .
    I think you missed the chance to make it another super hit , by doing few silly mistakes.
    Some serious ignorance in even climax scenes which could have been avoided.
    I would like to talk to you more about the movie.But couldnt get your number anywhere.
    Anyways,keep going with your efforts and all the best


  6. ranjithetta,watchd d movie…liked it very much….filminte sathyasandhathayanu ithinte ettavum valiya highlight….pinne at present ettavum relevant aaya theme aanu….samoohathodu parayan prasakthamaya enthenkilum ullappol mathram cinemayedukkunna ee attitude thudaranam….ee cinema theerchayayum orupadu charcha cheyyappedum…
    all d bestttt………..
    (pinne oru coincidence koodi undu… 25thnu mumbaiyil oru asst.collector pattappakal naduroadil kollappetta incident….)

  7. dear Ranjith,

    I m Salim frm Calicut
    Ystrdy I c Arjunan Sakshi frm Calicut Radha Theatr.
    House full show… But Last I thnk all audnce not satisfied, Espclly Youth….
    I thnk U R not Completly ultise Prithwi….Espcly in Fight scenes….

    Subjct is very very gud….. Also Camera….
    Thr are 30 minuts more balance for contnue this film…

    So keep it up…..
    Best wishes for ur future….


  8. saw arjunan sakshi on the release day…i live near your old colleg mac ..mac students were roaring high wen ur name was displayed….ur movie was bold and had sense..sadlyit does not leave a mark …like ur previous one…its so easy to sit behind a screen and comment …but thats all wat we can do …keep ur good work…dailogues was marvelous..

  9. Edae run-of-the-mill aayo-nnu oru doubt. Saw the Theatrical trailer on the website.

    Erstwhile A-1 Ashok Apts., Kakkanad. 🙂

  10. Hello Sir,
    I am an engineering student doing my third year, and i hate it. I really didnt want to take, but i was forced upon. I always wanted to direct movies, it has always been my dream and passion. Whats bothering me lately is that I have no idea on direction , cause i never directed a drama or anything cause my colleges are highly bent upon studies.I do watch a lot of movies though! I did win best supporting actor back in the 6th grade but thats about it and that was a long time ago. I liked to know if you have done anything like this before u went into direction. I am planning to join a film institute but is that enough. I thought you might be the best person to ask as you have also done your B.E. Is there any way to get scholarship for the film institute?

  11. LOVED THE FILM -Truly Current theme, Great intelligent script, superb simple apt dialogues ,perfect acting – CLASS direction

    you have announced the rise to class as a complete filmmaker with this film. you have ARRIVED.

    i will call all those who talk bout the minor glitches — CRIMINALS — after you delivered a near perfect EXPERIENCE.


  12. angane njaanum kandu…arjunane…innale paalakkaatt.

    Its a good attempt. Pls do respond towards first days degrading on the film which kept many people away from the film.

    but some moral comments said in the film were too explicit. There are some loop holes in the story to some extend.

    the one who took the mobile phones from villains forgot to frisk for a gun or other weapons..

    the film is a feel good one. but the spoiler messages are really massive in number. Pls do respond on the fact.

  13. Watched the movie last weekend and this is my comment:
    * Had a huge potential to become the path breaker in Malayalam cinema but some places lost the continuity, still watchable.
    * As a Director, you have excelled a lot compared to Passenger (e.g: the flats/iPhone/car chase etc), but there were few improvement opportunities(like Root Map, Villains , Climax etc )
    * As a script writer, the IMPACT was missing. May be you should have tried “Valanthalakkad/environmental issue” instead of Metro. This is my opinion.
    *Prithvi was awesome. Costumes were fashionable. BGM is good. Message was good.
    I still remember the climax scene of Passenger were Sathyanath pull the chain to stop the train and co passengers did not co-operate with him to save a life.
    It is really happened for Soumya last week.
    Anyways, all the best for your efforts Sir.
    Thanks for keeping us updated all the time.

  14. Hai,
    I saw ur works (Passenger & Arjunan Sakshi). I am very happy now. bcose, You can change the mind of malayalam viewers, with Rajesh Pillai (Director of “Traffic”). I hope more films like this. And……………………………….

  15. I have seen both of ur movies.But i liked arjunan saakshi more than passenger bcz this is more realistic story and it can happen to anyone.Another good point of this film is that there isn’t much fight scenes and no slow motion.U should do more films like this.

    BEST OF LUCK!!!!!!

    • Thanks A

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