Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | January 26, 2011

AS Arise and Awake..



  1. Hi Renjith,

    Going to watch the movie (AS) today night. Will put my comments 2morrow.

    I/m sure you will have a decent place in Malayalam Cinema!!!


    • I would like to express my feeling after seeing AS as –
      “ITS A STRAIGHT FORWARD FILM”. Once again kudos to Renjith. The audiance were expecting a a big climax,as the film was going in a very thrilling way. But I liked the way how Roy tacked Aby and friends with a simple weapon. The car race were filmed in a original way.

      Anyway all the best for your future projects

      Sumesh Somanathan

  2. Hi Ranjith,

    I saw AS on DVD yesterday. I had to wait long to watch the movie as I could not go to the theaters when it got released.
    Frankly speaking, as a viewer I did not like the movie at all…I specifically mean the screenplay. I am not commenting on anything other than the screenplay.
    1. The story lacked motivation by the protagonist (Roy Mathew). The protagonist was not at all active till the last scene of the movie. The protagonist was totally missing from the action in the main plot. He was doing nothing. Things were just happening. There was nothing by which I could root for the hero. He doesnt have to fly or fight a million men. He just should do something which he normally doesn’t. That really lacked in the story.
    2. The movie started with the girl, but she had nothing to do with the plot either. 3. The screenplay did not make any logic at all. I mean, 4 guys kill a collector. It is obvious from the very beginning that it has to be one of those men (as Aby Abraham and Feroz Moopan were arguing during the interview on TV). Roy Mathew and the reporter coming up to the conclusion based on a map didnt make any great revelation at all. Then, the villian trying to kill Roy Mathew over and over again when he is roaming around freely doesnt make any sense either.
    4. The climax was so typical and cliche. The hero not having any evidence and making the villian speak about the crime and capturing it on camera. There were so many other cliches in the movie as well. Salim Kumar’s character wearing the watch he found in the car that had been used by the villian which the hero acts that he wants to purchase. Arjunan is roaming around freely and getting all the information from Thankappan and the villians cannot kill him.
    5. The viewer is forced to hear and see now and again that Roy Mathew is an architect but nothing related to his architecture is related to the main plot except that it feels that some Asset Builders has pumped in lot of money into the movie and wanted visibility.
    6. You really think a person is changed by a killed son’s father crying in front of him. You really think that it can be the turning point of the story. Really? If there is any other, I could not get it.
    Yes, I could not get the movie at all. The movie on the whole was very illogical and didnt bring out sentiments about a guy who wanted to change the system.
    In one sentence:
    There was no heart in the story even when it is delivering a social message to the audience.

    The only reason Malayalam cinema was at the top was because it focussed on the characters rather than actors who played the characters. I sincerely believed you are a person who focusses on the screenplay but here it feels that you had a theme but could not come up with a good screenplay but nevertheless made the movie because you could manage to get the budget and the stars.
    I really believe that if you had to make your first movie and this was the only screenplay you had, you would have never ever used this for your first movie.

    Please come up with a good screenplay the next time you direct a movie, so that we can be proud of our Malayalam cinema once again. Malayalam cinema right now is being infested by movie school passouts making crap with our talented superstars who look more like clowns. The Malayali viewers are different from the entire country, due to which such senseless movies dont make any money. Compared to them it may seem that AS is better.

    It is only really talented people like you who can lift Malayalam cinema and put it back to where it really belongs. All the best to you for your next screenplay.

    – Riju

    • Thanks Riju,will try.

    • Hi Ranjith,

      I hope I did not hurt you with my comments. I am no wise guy but just a fan. I really appreciate all the efforts that go into the process of movie-making and I cannot deny the fact that everyone involved has done a tremendous job. But we viewers only see the final product and judge based on it.
      I regularly read your blog and articles and am really impressed with your thoughts and writings, that is why I had high expectations from the movie.
      I know you will come up with another great script and a great movie soon that will not only silence people like me but also make good returns in the box-office. All the best to you once again.

      – Riju

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