Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | January 26, 2011

AS songs

Sorry for not being able to post this earlier again.

Had some technical issues.

Theme song and Party song below.



  1. Thanks for Sharing mashe

  2. THanks for Sharing .. !!

  3. ranjithettaa,songsinte lyrics okke nannayittundallo…sadharana dance numbersinteyonnum lyrics athra nannakarilla………al d bst…
    wil watch AS 2day matinee………

  4. yesterday i saw film arjunan sakshi. super film.btter than passenger in technical brilliance.but the murder of asst. coollector can be liittle more expressive,a shot dead is not so good. theme muic,roy mathews introductions are excellnt.accident scene is so.. so.. good.but after the accident when they reached mooppan’s home tata safari did not hav much damges.over all excellent movie ..hoping for a reply from u.

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