Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | January 26, 2011

Roy Mathew theme

Sorry for not being able to post this earlier.

Roy Mathew theme

Will publish the Arjunan theme probably tomorrow.



  1. After PASSENGER, since the time you announced ARJUNAN SAAKSHI , I had some expectations for it and decided to watch it day 1 show 1 and I did it so. And I must say I am very happy for 4 things that I saw in this which I have always wanted to see done in the Malayalam movies; but never has seen it done, so far. They are :

    1. NO Unwanted ROMANCE between the central characters when as audience, we would be thinking, how and why the hell should they fall in love !!
    2. NO romantic songs as dream sequence or otherwise ( often that’s the way equipped by some directors to justify the song ; dreams can be anything right ??) in any foreign locations that seem to have no connection with the land or location where the story is being told.
    3. NO over lifting or over-heroism of the hero. almost all the films shows heroes as neutral or good n all , but once they start fighting they do some pure professional actions to fight the villains that I have often doubted from where do they get all these moves?? they were someone else and now they have become martial arts, kung-fu experts in the & only in the fight scenes?? Heroes are over lifted in the fight scenes.
    4. NO lip syncing to the songs by the central characters :If at all there is a song, characters lip sync to it. this is another problem in a movie that I totally disagree with. Either the song should be background or it should be shown as a song from radio , cd or a song that happens in that world. And characters singing and dancing to that. Then it is justified as they behave like normal people. In life WE don’t sing any songs with the accompaniment of 6 or 8 piece orchestra that doesn’t appear anywhere but there is the sound of it till the end of the song.
    Thankfully , AS had NONE of the above as I have always loved to see in our movies.
    Now, talking about the movie, this had an inspiring ,relevant theme : REACT an RESPOND , then you will see the CHANGE happening right in front of you. Absolutely superb theme with a big scope for a fantastic movie. But AS is felt to be with an INCOMPLETE narrative when the end credits appear. This was the same problem with amal neerad’s ANWAR; though it had all the major problems I have numbered above.

    So, as I said, AS had brilliant theme, it started off well too, but towards the end, it gradually becomes the movie that seems to support the KOCHI METRO PROJECT. Focus is shifted . I would blame the dialogues too towards the last 20 minutes. ROY speaks mostly of what a good man the collector Firoz moopan was and the great dream he had about the changing the face of Kochi. And how some corporate tycoons for their own selfishness demolished the man and his dreams. That’s what the last 20 minutes lays emphasis mostly on. Before the court , ROY says the needed part that the system, judiciary, the police are all bound or suppressed by the corporate and the money power ; its not because they are weak that there is no “result” in this state . But those kinda dialogue that supports the theme of this movie is very short and limited.

    And then the next problem I felt is once the murderer is known, post interval time, that ‘suspense’ or ‘ edge of the seat’ excitement factor is lost. The only thing left to be known is about the ARJUNAN., which by the ¾ th of the movie is understood. If PASSENGER had the ‘wow nice’ feeling till the end, this one loses it well before the end. Scripting flaws I feel it was.

    Talking about the characters, ROY and the journalist played by ANN were good ; but if some more finesse and well etched was the character of ANN, it would have lifted the movie on a whole to some extent. Also, a twist was possible with the character of “NOOLONDA ” aka VIJEESH. Then lies the under utilized JAGATHY. He was so superb in PASSENGER. There could have been a mystery behind the murder of firoz moopan’s dads character; why he was murdered?? . going behind such a question could have added a sub plot or twist. Of the cast, only ANN wasn’t upto the level of a journalist ( with some commitment and some less maturity); may be due to inexperience. This is only her second movie .all the others have done a fine job giving us , the audience a great experience.
    And speaking about my favorite aspect, MUSIC. Once again I would love to state that I felt great gratitude towards for you for not spoiling your first movie PASSENGER with any song . Though it had , thanks for not including it in movie. Coming to AS, there is a party song and a theme song . I am a great fan of BIJIBAL sir right from ARABIKATHA he has done a fab job with the theme for AS. That is a good one, but the other one, party song ‘IKKANUM’ seemed a little awkward. The moves, the settings, costumes are in a party mood and the song played is like a FOLKISH kinda one!!! That didn’t sync well with the video , it could have been a normal party song with some cool DJ beats and towards the end of it, the same “dappaankuthu” ending it has now and ROY dancing to it…. like that.

    These are the things that I observed sir after watching your final product of AS. I have no idea the way you would have written the script; what was in your mind and all that. I just said what I thought could have worked with, all due respect.

    I would like to appreciate you sir for 2 more things in AS. Keeping ROY’s character real and normal and for maintaining ARJUNAN the way it has been.

    I feel now that you are just like ANURAG BASU, the director. He too follows the same things that I numbered previously and avoids the clichés in films . also, you both are similar in the technical brilliance you adopt in filming.

    Concluding, TAKE A BOW !! SIR : for being different among the filmmakers, for being making realistic movies, for avoiding the clichés that we are bored of seeing and for treating the script in the right way it should be.



  2. Great review Jijo.. Almost everything I wanted to say..

    Congrats sir for this film, but I feel it could have been better.. Waiting for your next..

  3. @Ranjith Shankar, my frank feedback on Arjunan Sakshi

  4. Hi!
    It’s my view of point,that at the end u could have shown one person as arjunan.We expected a lot.We thought that at the end u would show who is arjunan.U could have shown someone like sreenivasan or someone else.

    BEST OF LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

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