Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | February 10, 2011

Post AS

Hectic 2 weeks!

Thanks for all those who loved AS..

And for those who did not,there is always a next time!



  1. take the negative comments as a fuel for your growth. Dont neglect or hate who put bad comments for your movie.. You can come up with a product which everyone will say ‘WOW’..

  2. halo sir
    i like your thoughts and your style of direction , continue your searching for new ideas to keep the greenary of our film industry. actually you are a genius becuse you make a successfull movie without the pressents of superstars and publisity,

    good luck for your movie especialy for your attittude towards film.

  3. Hope your experience after AS release will come as a post.

    salil drishyan

  4. Thats the spirit we are looking from Ranjith Sankar. That makes me a solid Ranjith Sankar admirer.. All the best Bhai..

  5. Ranjithetta..we all are behind you…waiting for your next..

  6. Sir… arjunan saakshi basicly a good story… It’s saying our genration.. There many message to every cityzen….

    It’s very good climax.. We expt from prithvi a action film… But it’s good story for the now genration

  7. Sir.. i think ..AS is the best in your career after passenger…

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