Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | February 14, 2011

After AS release

Many wanted to write about after release experience of AS.So here it goes..

I was actually thrilled after meeting the censor committee.They loved AS wholeheartedly.

Reports after the first show was not unanimous as we expected.Actually I was facing such a scene for the first time.Actually cant help it.Once you release a movie,thats something totally out of your control.The audience has all the right to like or dislike it.

Many loved AS.Many has issues with it.The fact remains that I still love it:)AS is always gonna be a very dear film to me for a number of reasons.

One shocking realisation was that the people who were dissappointed said they were so coz they went to see my movie after passenger.Seriously did not believe there would be an audicene going to a hall just to watch my movie..thats scary!

And the best part after all this is that there is still so much of love and caring around.I was told once you go through fire in movies,you find yourself all alone and separated.Somehow I feel so surrounded with so much support from all corners!Probabaly even more than when passenger was screening!




  1. “One shocking realisation was that the people who were dissappointed said they were so coz they went to see my movie after passenger.” – The initial urge for watching a movie for any one will be their fave actor, fave director, fave technicians or their fave someone who’ve worked on it. All other things, they will be experiencing once in the seats. Thats a fact. 🙂 The wave Passenger created was such a huge one that viewers’ expectation levels where so high that the benchmark they set for AS was rather high. But as said, Theres always room for improvement. If not, then how will this world and its system move forward 🙂

    • Arjunan sakshi is defenitely a good movie , better than Passenger and you did it clean without super human heroism , Prithvi also did a good job in the movie. Best wishes for your future movies…

  2. Thanks for sharing Sir. Now please start writing the new stories. Horror movie or a different crime thriller or a love story.

  3. “One shocking realisation was that the people who were dissappointed said they were so coz they went to see my movie after passenger.”

    YES.. i belong to that group. for me, when a movie is released , the prime focus is on the ‘ DIRECTED BY : ‘ credit. thats how, i watch movies, not by the usual ” superstar or actor ” way.

    Directors make stars. thats what i believe and you are a very promising director to look forward for this malayalam industry.

    Take a long time and come back sir with a big bang!!!
    we all are always waiting for the great movies to come from you and others like you.

  4. cant wait for the movie… looking forward it…. any chance of releasing it in London? – atleast for a day!:)

  5. I echo Arun and Joseph, I watched it FDFS just because of th director. And, for sure, director is the first criteria for selecting a movie. Even for new directors also, I would a check on their experience and passion.

    Waiting for your next story.

    PS to ALL: Watch Aadukalam and Yudham Sei – may not be greatest movies from Tamil, but pretty challenging way of telling stories. Don’t miss them, and watch from theaters..

    salil drishyan

  6. Very happy to post it here that,we ,Grafix,an organisation of film lovers ,on 25,26,27 of Feb organised a script workshop for various students of Film academies or “Future Film Makers!”.

    The camp was Headed by John Paul with interactions from all kinds of film makers of all times like Mohan,P.Chandrakumar,P.F.Mathews(script,kuttisrank),sindhu Lohithadas,Premlal(athmakatha) and Rajesh Pillai .(Sri.Ranjith sankar was our guest but he could not make it as he had to attend one official meeting in his company which was eventually a great loss to us and our students).

    But,the fare part of it was all the students who seiously analyse movies Loved AS.

    Sri.Mohan,a director who had never compromised his ethics for commercial hypes reiterated and requested all to give full support to the film AS, which was accepted by future film makers with big hands.

    John paul opined that films like UTSAVAPPITTENU,which was considered to be a flope during the release times (because of its’ climax) ,now have been considering as one of the best films in malayalam film industry.

    Iam writing this to request Mr.Ranjith sankar to move ahead with his determination in future too as what he had proved with his previous films. Serious audience are always with him.

    all the best!!

  7. Aadukalam…a must watch…

  8. Sir your AS’s technical perfection is gud but something more expected.u more focused on prithvi raj appearance and there lossed the screenplay

  9. Sir go head
    they are people waiting for gud movies

  10. The both passengr n AS was awaiting movie 4 me. . . I was thrilld with ur intrview which was bcasted in asianet b4 d release f AS. . . N iam nt dissapointed wid film. . . It s jst a gud filn not a awsome film lyk passenger. . . Waiting 4 ur nxt dffrnt sbject. . . N it wil b a awaiting movie 4 me

    • Thanks savan

  11. This was my review

    Saw Arjunan Sakshi Today… The reports so far I got is that its an average/good movie. Well my opinion is also the same. Its a good worth a watch movie. Its a movie with a message. It addresses the current developments and situations in Kerala. The movie has a pure intention. Nothing was added to make it a commercial success. Situati…ons were molded to give a commercial look. No BIG BANG Titles.. Very Engaging Back Ground Music by Bijibal, Great Cinematography. The first half of the movie was too short. Dont expect this movie to be an action movie.. The hero is not a physically powerful man!! he is somewhat a common man.. who never hits back at Gunda’s. Thats one of the good thing about AS. No extra terrestrial heroism!! ;). If you look at the casting, every one has done impressive work. Ann Augustine is really promising. Noolunda was also looking very comfortable in his role. Nedumudi, Jagathy, Mukesh, Biju Menon, Suresh Krishna, Vijaya Raghavan.. all excelled in the short span roles!! Camera work needs a special mentioning.. Ajayan Vincent has done a fabulous job. The car crash scene was shot very neatly.Prithvi’s dialogue delivery (especially in English) was much much cooler than other Malayalam heroes… The Introduction scene (I should say the build up scene of Prithvi as ARJUNAN) was really a pleasure to watch.. The songs are good. I liked the TITLE Song.. “Arjunan Sakshi…e-e-e-e-e”. Song sets the mood of the movie.
    Now when saying about the negatives, the film could have shot on a larger canvas!! Then, some more complexity in the second half could have made the movie a little more catchy… and in the climax scene… Instead of that drum, Prithvi could have used Suresh Krishna’s Pistol.
    For me Arjunan Sakshi is a good movie. Ranjith Shanker surely has some great plans in his mind. He is improving by each picture. Roy Mathew will be a memorable character in Prithvi’s career. My Rating 3/5.

    • Thanks Ashwin.

  12. Excellenent Film. I was very happy to see an action film in a different fashion. Its a huge relief and good sign for the malayalam film industry. Good work for making the difference in typical action film genre used in Malayalam.

    • Thanks

  13. Saw AS recently. I dunno anything about the negative remarks
    on this movie,but I was pretty impressed. It was an entralling movie
    with a good cast. The BGM when Prithviraj gets introduced
    and then after the press conf,zapped me(I have made it my
    ring tone now 🙂 lol)

    Kudos Ranjith

    Awaiting your next venture

    • Thanks.

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