Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | February 24, 2011


Had been travelling a bit oflate..Not faraway places…Nearest places are the ones we mostly dont make it,since its close maybe:)

Kanchikode is a great place in palakkad.More of an industrial area..dry but quite interesting..great scapes.Probbaly u shud take a look if u r onto nelliyampathy..not very far.

Was in trichur yesterday with a cousins engagement.Whenever i go back there realise how much i love that place.lots and lots of memories there.Doing some renovations on our home there this summer..I am strongly advised by all my well wishers to dispose it,but everytime i go back there realise i cant:)

Been watching lots of movies oflate..Udaan will be my pick from them. A movie with so much of heart..Truly World class.Dont miss it guys.Watched khosla ka ghosla again recently.Loved it again:)

Think missed out on lot of good movies oflate.Need to catch up fast..Suggest me if you have watched any good ones.

Started walking again on mornings.Broke that habit while AS shooting.And yes almost same people on my old route again doing almost same stuff on their regular routine.30 minutes is what I am supposed to spare for my body daily.Probably should switch to cricket or something on evenings,so that there can be late night movies.

Working on a new script,its a light hearted comedy.Lets see how it goes:)



  1. Oru “All the best” for your new comedy venture parayamennu karuthi. . But I’m not saying that, as it has become too trite.
    So “Ente ella praardhanakalum” 🙂

    Watched AS couple of weeks back. Liked it, especially Jagathy’s performance & the message you conveyed.
    I still wonder why people boo when they see Prithviraj on screen. Not only for AS, I noticed the same while watching Traffic (while showing a songbit of Anvar) & Makeup man.

    It’s time to implement strict rules in theaters.

  2. Since you are working on the light hearted comedy scripts, I would suggest : Phas Gaya Re Obama, Tere Bin Laden, Oye Lucky Oye Oye, there is couple of French movies like Safari(get the subtitled version), there was one French movie where heroine loves Rajnikanth’s acts(Forgot the name, but wanted to write a script based on that..really funny movie.) and the 60s/70s collection of Pink panther series. These were the movies I liked from my past one months’ movie hunting.


  3. and if you did not see this one:

  4. Thanks for sharing.

    Light hearted comedy – i think its something you’ve never ventured, in TV too. Remember u referring to a story idea in the lines of Driving Miss Daisy, with Jagathy in lead. Is this the same?

    Of the recently watched movies, Yeh saali Zindagi is good as a dark comedy, and ‘Definitely maybe’ is in the romantic comedy category. If you love animation movies, do not miss ‘How to train your dragon’ and ‘Monster House’.

    salil drishyan

  5. Ranjith,
    Watch these movies if you are not seen yet.
    1. Phas gaye re obama
    2. Tere bin laden
    3.Dhobi ghat

    recently loved these movies,
    can you share your picks of favorite movies via blog ? Mainly hollywood


  6. Catchup with
    1. 127 hrs
    2. Let the right one in(original Swedish version)
    3.The Girl with the dragon Tattoo series.

  7. Thanks for the referecnces guys..
    Tried almost all indian ones..
    Loved phas gaya re movie.

  8. Try these
    1.Perfume: The Story of a Murderer ( )
    2.Premonition ( )
    3.The Triangle (

    All crazy stuff, But its different experience !

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