Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | March 9, 2011


Watched Do Dooni char and Rocket singh recently

Do dooni char is a super cool movie.Loved the last couple of scenes..Teachers do make induviduals!Great Story!!

Rocket singh is another really interesting movie.Very well written and executed.Aptly enacted by Ranbir Kapoor and others.It really has its moments.

Passenger and Arjunan Saakhi screenplays are getting published.Will be coming in a couple of months.

There are lots of queries on the new movie.

Its cooking:)



  1. Rocket singh, Such a fresh movie, seen more than 3times 🙂
    Do dooni char — In my watch list now

    Great to know that ur screenplays are getting published. Good reference for us.

    Hope your new movie will be as fresh as Passenger (Not yet seen AS) and an actor as experienced as Sreenivasan will be there in the cast..

    • thanks bijeesh

  2. Rocket Singh is an entrpreneur movie….more…a motivation movie.
    Just like his previous Chak de…

    Why Malayalam doesnt look towards motivation films or entrepreneur films??

    Is it because its not at all entrepreneur friendly state??

    a bag full of films are there which says problems faced by entrepreneurs…

    Varavelp….Midhunam….so and so..

  3. Great to know. Who is publishing the screenplays?? all the best

    • mathrubhumi..thanks!

  4. I war vry much excited b4 watcin AS bv am not dissapointed aftr seein d film. . . Waitin 4 ur nxt BOOM sir. . . . Bst f luk

    • 🙂

  5. Great news… hope there will be a good write up on ur AS making experience. Also expect the book NOT to be a scene-by scene, frame-by-frame copy of the first print. This will help us to understand the paper-to-film transformation process.

    For e.g. In the end of the screenplay of MT’s ‘Oru Cheru Punchiri’ the author narrates which all scenes/shots he had to scrap after shooting in order to ensure that the narration never slips. That makes it a good read for all aspired film makers.

    More of my thoughts on this at

    salil drishyan

  6. Watched the movie El Secreto De Sus Ojos (The Secret in their Eyes) in the spanish film festival here in delhi. It was fantastic and i recommend you watch it.

  7. Sir,

    I had watched your AS from an ekm multiplex,a week after it’s release…
    Though i think it was a not so bad effort,i homestly think it would have been far better especially the second half..(dont think i am a blind fan of any actor and i am referring to the lack of herooism in AS or something like that sort)

    The first half was well written and it just breezed through….but there were far too many loopholes in the second half…why did all the villains turn good all on a sudden?

    btw i am a kochite and i sincerely appreciate you for telling such a bold subject..even i too had heard abt the rumours about the unholy nexus(involving a popular Umbrella Mart in Broadway and a couple of other Industrialists working against the rail project a couple of years back)…..

    So please work a bit more on the new script and try to overcome the shortcomings that u met with In AS…

    ps: had intentionally refrained from saying all this when the movie was released as i believe that movie making is a big business and didnt want to create unnecessary negative publicity for the movie..myself a doc by profession,an mateur short film maker and also a blogger….also writes for film reviews and movie based articles)

    here is the link of one of the posts that i had written for

    • Thanks Nikhil..will try:)

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