Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | April 2, 2011

Never say Die!

Sitting aloof in a flat in the sharjah dubai border.. 

Feeling cool after a cool oil head massage:)..shud really buy some bottles of that oil back home..really effective.

Almost done with the first draft of the script..Cant really fix up on a title.Think it has to be something related to “Never say Die” “Undying spirit ” etc..Any suggestions do let me know.Any appealing sanskrit words?sarfarosh was a real cool title,isnt it?

Watching harsha bogle analysing the final.Heard him say something interesting recently.Vinod Kambi played his last test at 22.He couldnt figure out how to counter bouncers from courtney walsh.There was so much of talent but couldnt transform that into practical attitude.At a certain level thats what matters most.

Its whether you can take success or failure and keep moving on..Like the famous line ..Success is not about how much you can hit,but how much you can get hit and still keep moving ahead..

Why am writing all this?Maybe the hangover of the script:)Think this new one is gonna have some such thoughts in it.In an entertaining way hopefully.

And India is gonna lift the cup today,not one point of doubt.And sachin is gonna contribute with is 100th century on his home ground for a world cup final.

Well can that get better?Call that luck?Not at all..The greatest legend of the game deserves it.



  1. Hi Ranjith, I read your blog for the very first time. It is interesting to read the way you have mentioned about each things in your blog. As far, the movie name is concerened well i guess you should put an ad for this, if u really want some cool & creative name. Ok, i am just suggesting few names since u sound keen on sanskrit name, then u can just go through these names, ‘Dharana’ ‘Arpita’ (if the movie is based on female lead)

    • thanks aiby:)

  2. “NIRVANA”

    • too philosophical:)

  3. അവസ്ഥാന്തരം..

    • 🙂

  4. nice to see that good news flowing from UAE…
    keep rolling…. my prayers…. 🙂

    off: saw couple of movies.
    – Hitchcock masterpiece ‘Vertigo’: was surprised to see the similarity with our MannarMathai Speaking.
    – Its complicated: lovely take of a divorced pair. Loved every moment of it. I’m sure that a Bollywood version will come soon.
    – Flipped: I feel it is a must-watch. A very impressive take on teenage feelings.

    • cool..wanna watch flipped.

  5. Hi Ranjith. this is santhosh from chennai. i saw the film passenger today. its fantastic movie. such a wonderful script and making. its about humanity what we need now. thanks a lot.
    Santhosh Narayanan

  6. Hi renjith,
    Is arjunan sakshi CD’s out?? Unable to catch the movie in Dubai.
    Even i live in AlNadha(Duba-Sharjah border) so hope to bump into u in some shopping mall soon here>

  7. I forgot to comment ..passenger was path breaking movie..just loved it..

    • Thanks sheeba:)

  8. Hi Renjith,
    I heard about you from my cousin who had a great opinion Passenger. I got a chance to see the film too. Really well made and encouraging. The film made realise how important is the observation of society while writing a script. Being outside kerala for almost ten year, Passenger made me feel how far I am from the social life of kerala now. Yet to see Arjunan Sakshi. Hope to see more good work from you.

    • Thanks Arun:)

  9. hai sir,
    i’m a great fan of u…and i follow ur blog from d time i came 2 know.
    u r an ikon 4 people like me… who follow a life they are supposed 2 be…but hav some ‘dreams’ in mind… but dont hav d guts 2 go ahead becoz of circumstances…and certain commitments….
    Sirr..through those circumstances and keeping ur commitments u made it…
    u proved it…tat it can be done!
    we hop “never say die” wil inspire us more wat ever b d name

  10. Thanks Munna!

  11. Hi Ranjith,

    I watched Arjunan Saakshi recently when it came out the theatres here in America and I really appreciate the effort and the thought which went into making the film.
    I wish you the very best for your new venture and hope you lead the renaissance of our film industry by making more such films.

    • thanks ajit.

  12. And for the title, I would suggest “Ankathattu”, which metaphorically speaking is the stage where one fights his (or her) battles/fears/fate/difficulties 🙂

  13. Hello sir..after watching arjunan sakshi the first thing that striked my mind was that..putting indrajith in the lead role would’ve been a better choice..but the movie was really nice..passed a good msg 2 de society..watched de movie juz cos the story, screenplay and direction was none other than Ranjith Sankar’s..
    I’m a huge fan of urs nw sir..
    Wonder whether you remember..i had once told u my passion to direct movies..’m kind of interested in writin scripts too..but i juz don knw how it is being done..thoughts do come..but i juz wonder hw and wer 2 start it possible that u mail me the scrrenplay of AS or Passenger? If they are confidential then could u plz suggest any website where i can learn scripting?
    Waiting for ur reply sir.

  14. I watched Ko and Vaanam…. nice movies…. recommended.
    Watched City of God – Very realistic, Nice attempt. Personally i felt the director overplayed with the non-linear narration.
    Watched Manikyakallu yday – Simple movie, but nothing new to offer. Entertaining first half, half-baked second half. Climax is too predictable.
    Postukal onnum kanunnillallo….

  15. Salil, Ranjith,

    Watch this one :
    Excellent movie from Bengal..

    • interesting..will try it..thanks sijith

  16. Renjith,just watched “Passenger” now.felt bad that i missed such a good movie( 2 years!!!).Better be late than never alle :).All the best for your upcoming projects.

    • Thanks sithara

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