Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | May 15, 2011


Was back last month.Was unable to zero in on what to make next.

Had actually worked on 4 different scripts over different periods of time in the last 4 months.Was not really feeling the drive to go ahead with one.Maybe that happens when ur last hasnt done as expected!

Finally think I have arrived on something which is pulling me. I shud give it another month or 2..See if the same excitement prevails!Will let u know guys.

The happiest thing about the past few months was being able to figure out some real frnds.Think they r gonna be with me forever.



  1. take ur own time and get d best out of it.

    dont compel urself to do a film 4 the sake of doing. ur target viewers will be here waiting with patience…:)

  2. Truly straight from heart and brave a post. If only success is there wherever we touch, there won’t be any thrill right? 🙂 Its a fact that more than success, the thing which will really give a kick is a failure. It gives us immense push to go forward and conquer success. Hope your next venture will be a grand success. Best of Luck


  3. Nice to see ur post after long time…. Happy to hear that you’ve almost decided on one…. hope other 3 wil also take good shape in future.

    Good friends are forever- let it be true in ur case… All the very best.

    salil drishyan

  4. Sir… plz dont compromise… tough time wil come…just go through..make d best… we r hoping much.. becoz we know u can… and u will do it… our prays r with u…

    hai salil i saw ur short film… nice work… All d very best my frend

    • Thanks Munna for your encouraging words.

  5. All the best Maashe…Good Friends are forever!!! We are waiting for your next movie

  6. Thanks guys!

  7. Hi ranjith ,

    Want to say one thing … You steal my dream… In Arjunan Sakshi one car collision sequence is there.. In that one shot is ther, headlight of a car is popping in to the camera … When I watched that shot in Bourne Ultimatum …, I really wanted to use that one in my movie.. (my wildest dream… ( still my nights are longer than days.. ))
    . I am not blaming you for using that scene from a hollywood movie… You atleast tried for freshness, our viewers are not familiar to that one… Many of other filmmakers are remaking their own movies…… good luck for next movie…


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