Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | May 20, 2011

Congrats Salimkumar!

I talked to this man first over phone .I introduced myself and he immediately said he was looking forward to talk to me.He had seen my first movie and he loved it..In his traditional style he said..enthoru cinemayado athu..thanne vilikkan nokkiyittu pinne vittu his usual style.

I told him I am making a second movie and I have a role not so significant.He happily came and did it.We had very brief talks in the tight schedules.I told him I loved his mathrubhmi interviews.He very excitedly said hes doing a movie called adaminde makan abu and its a good movie.

Indeed his judgement proved right.Really happy for this wonderful man and actor.Proud of you!

I have a slightly better character (than in AS)which I would like him to play in my new movie.Hope he does it:)



  1. We are proud of Salim Kumar. What a transformation !!. He does one – Achan Urangatha Veedu, Adaminde magan Abu along with other roles. I love both and Congrats to Mr Salim Kumar. Keep going….

  2. Salim was always my favorite, be it the comedy roles, serious roles done in Achan Urangatha Veedu or even the role he played in Chanthupottu/Udayanaanu Thaaram/Bridge. Waiting for Adam… to release!!!. He is indeed another under utilized actor in Malayalam cinema. Hope you can give a great role to him and another great performance from Salim. Even I started liking him from that “Mathrubhumi” interview. Please pass our congrats to him.


  3. Dear Ranjith,

    Can I ask you a very simple question which has always been on mind whenever I see your interviews? How do you manage to get all the time in the world to do films and at the same time be an IT professional? I am a software engineer and have struggled to have work-life balance. Delivery pressure, meetings, weekends at office, resource management all take so much time. Don’t you have all this in the IT job that you are part of? Don’t you have delivery pressure and bosses who ask for timelines? Are we not part of the same IT field? I really want to know how you manage to do both. How do you get so much leaves? What happens to your projects when you do films? I am not trying to put you in a spot, but genuinely want to take some tips from you so that I can also implement them.

    Please do not ignore this request.


    • Well sugu,its juz that i have a supportive management.

  4. Renjith sir,
    Your last film was a good attempt.Your 2 films reveals your social commitment. I hope ur next film should be great film.
    In my hand an Idea like ‘ Arjunan’ .Pls contact me my No.9633296120

    • Thanks christy.I have already arrived on my next subject.maybe next time.

  5. I admire your work in passenger and arjunan sakshi and would like to join you as an apprentice for your forthcoming ventures asap if possible. You have travelled a long way from passenger. I prefer arjunan sakshi for it’s storytelling. Both films deals with good social causes and the helplessness of a common man in our present society. I am surprised that despite gathering positive reviews why the film couldn’t make it big in the box office.

    • Thanks jay

  6. Dear Ranjith. I saw Arjunan Sakshi. I felt the screenplay was too loose. I wish it was made tighter. Few of the areas I felt were a big letdown:

    1. Mathrubhumi printing a letter from an anonymous in the front page was too hard to believe.
    2. If the gundas killed Firoz Moopan’s father, then they could have very well waited inside the house to kill Roy and Anjali as well because they knew they were coming there. Why did the kill Moopan’s father who did not even know any secrets till then.I though that was too loose a point.
    3. On one side, gundas were trying to murder Roy in daylight (at the parking slot), then why would they try to kill him in an accident at the construction site knowing that the site worker would have been easily identified?
    4. If Roy was going to keep the proofs in the ATM, then the villains with minimum common sense would have anyway been around the ATM much before Roy came there. Instead of them following Roy anwhere, it looked strange that Roy was roaming around freely without beign followed by the villains.
    5. The climax was very very loose.

    I liked Passenger for the tight script. But I felt you could have put more thought to the AS script. It is these kind of sequences which makes audience restless and uneasy. I hope you take my criticism in a constructive way. I am an admirer of yours. Hence, I thought I would pen down my few pennies.


    • Thanks Rahul.Will try to take more care in my next.

  7. Dear Ranjith,
    I saw ‘Passenger’ in 2009 and got really excited because I saw a movie in my own language with a script that has the standards of a hollywood movie. I saw “Arjunan Sakshi” yesterday, it was also a great movie. Sorry that it didn’t work at the box office. “City of God” “Photographer” and even “Palerimanikyam” was not a success at the BO. So you have company, please don’t loose heart. Please keep making movies that have quality and essence.

    Ajith James Cyriac

    • Thanks ajith

  8. City of God ethu arthathila great movie ennu manasilakunnilla. Kure dark shots, kure serious manushyanmaar and strange camera angles don’t make a great movie. I think Prithviraj overhypes his movies.

  9. Read Salim’s interview in latest edition of Mathrubhumi weekly. He has given some unique views on the ‘comedians’ in the industry. Good thing is that his perception and disclosures have the same sincerity as in earlier interviews.

  10. Dear Ranjith Sir,

    Are you interested in love story? if so, i have a usual love story for teen agers in this time, without doubt am saying it didnt said in malayalam film yet…
    Contact # 9847581119, 9656463696

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