Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | June 10, 2011

A great Life

This blog post could seem a tad too long on first look but if you dont go on to read it in
full you are in for a loss.

This is the story of a truly great man,a great life.
A beautiful father and a true citizen.


I have decided to close down 2 accounts I have with HDFC standard life.

Spread this fathers words guys!



  1. Thanks for sharing Ranjith. Last year only I had taken a HDFC Life Insurance for helping my friends to reach his target…No more mistakes. Life portrayed on this blog is really disturbing and many times you will feel “Mr God” is a sadist!!! I could relate to many incidents happened to my friends and relatives.

  2. Another incident here

  3. thanks for deciding to close the accounts. unless we protest against the attrocities by hdfc, they will keep on doing it.

    • Yes I closed my accounts yestreday and talked to an official there on the incident.Their take is that its a violation in clause for not disclosing a disease.Its a BIG breech and hence they cant even pay back the money they paid to HDFC.
      Thats called ARROGANCE AND NONSENSE!
      So basically if you have a habit of visiting hospitals once in a while you can be best assured that you wont get a claim if something unfortunate happens.Also be assured you wont even get the money you are paying them monthly!

  4. Had read abt this in facebook…hardly people understand that Life Insurance is not a way to save ur money. I have been skeptical abt private insurers, they had bought in good competition but….If you see the latest claim repudiation ratio, which is a measure of claims rejected, during 2010-11 LIC improved its repudiation ratio for death claims to 1.09 per cent from 1.21 per cent in the previous year. In the same period, the public sector insurance behemoth settled 97.5 per cent of death claims, whereas claims pending stood at 1.47 per cent. Among the private players, ICICI Prudential Life was the best performer in terms of claims repudiation ratio, whereas HDFC Life’s claims settlement ratio was the highest, respectively (ref. It tells a lot.

  5. thanks ranjith for taking such a decision ..

  6. Heard about Mayflower from MetroMatinee… Is the news correct? Thought you were working on a different movie, as told in ‘Never say die’.

  7. Thanks Ranjith for sharing this.

    I too have HDFC Standard Life policy, hence I too feel cheated after reading this.I will also try to close my policy.

    Infact they may be right legally, but this is just an unethical business. Why all insurance companies are trying to find faults of policy holder only at the time of claim? Why can’t they make health check mandatory before starting policy? If the person is not qualified, they should not accept the application.

    There should be laws to prevent this looting of public’s hard earned money by the private insurance companies.


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