Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | June 21, 2011

A forwarded mail-very important

This is just to inform you about an unfortunate incident I had to encounter in the Ernakulam Medical Centre Hospital, Palarivattom, Ernakulam. I had gone there for a checkup on 18-Jun, where the doctor sent me to take spinal X-ray. In between the procedure, I noticed a video camera mounted high on the wall behind the X-ray table. The nurses there confirmed that it is a working camera. There were no sign board or any notice anywhere that the place was under camera surveillance. So we (me and my husband) went to complaint to the administrator there. She was very rude, and informed us that the camera was mounted there so that they can monitor whether their staff is sleeping during duty, and challenged us to go ahead and handle this in any way we can. So we went ahead and registered a police complaint. They did an enquiry, confirmed that the camera is working and that a person is constantly monitoring it in the hospital. The images are recorded. They keep a backup of 5 days, after which new data rewrites the old one. After the investigation, we were summoned to the police station today, and they informed that the images cannot be misused since it is blurred and taken with low light etc. The CI has promised that he will forward a report to the DCP, recommending removal of the cameras from the procedure rooms of the hospital.

Summary of the whole story:
• All areas in EMC are under camera surveillance, except operation theatre and labour room
• From yesterday, they have put up notices informing the users that the area is under camera surveillance. Whether we choose to undergo the procedure with camera presence is now our decision. Still, cameras will not be removed
• The cameras are working and a person is constantly monitoring the sequences
• Please come out of the changing room only after they switch off the lights in the procedure room. Otherwise, the images may be clearly recorded in the camera.

Please forward this to your friends / relatives, so that they are aware of this before they decide to undergo treatment at EMC.



  1. this is pathetic ! thers nothing we can do abt this ???

  2. It is high time EMC administration change this SICK IDEA of putting up a camera in rooms where common man (woman, the worst sufferer) would least expect they will be monitored. They enter the room to address some other woes. Please dont add to it.

    1. EMC is not a hospital where staff can have time to sleep in these closed rooms. It is among the top and patients flow day in and out.
    2. Even if they want to monitor, do it the age old way with staff supervisors.
    3. The hospital might have had good intentions behind this idea, but there is a population which finds pleasure in peeping and this setup provides a safe way of satisfaction without being monitored.

    Friend and fellow feeler

  3. Thanks for sharing… don’t know which all hospitals follow this. next time at any procedure room, we have to be conscious about this.

  4. Thanks for sharing…
    One thing I don’t they don’t treat their staff professionally?? Or in hospitals, staffs does not deserve any professional respect or not..??peeping in to a procedure room to monitor whether the staff is sleeping or not. With the same justification, they can put a camera in staff restrooms as well..because staff can go there and sleep :(.

    Positive side of social medias, these kind of issues are publicized. Otherwise, other medias would have hidden them to protect the interest of hospitals.


  5. Thanks guys..spread the word!

  6. Camera in ladies procedure room?? Set up by the management itself ?? Its shocking!!

  7. That is a very sick experience you had. I personally had a bad experience with a doctor and a staff in that hospital, i can understand how rude that pro behaved to you. good you took an initiative.. i appreciate you..

  8. all the best. Guess you will need this soon

  9. It is the typical keralite attitude. “we will peep; it is your choice to be peeped on not”. Go to a shop and the shopkeeper’s attitude is “if u want to buy from me, buy. He has no motivation to sell”. Or an Autowala,” I charge Rs.25/- to hell with meter. if u want, pay up and use.” On the other hand, it is height of freedom. The choice is ours. To use or not to use. Generally service providers want their business increased. Here it is dadagiri of service providers. 5 people together can do anything. Hail Kerala.

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