Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | July 10, 2011

Salt n Pepper

Fantastic movie!
Loved every bit of it.
The coolest screenplay of recent times,beautifuly shot and wonderfully performed,
Congrts Aashiq,shyam pushkaran,dileesh nair,shyju khalid,saajan
Way to go!!



  1. I felt ,the golden era of legend directors were over ,but then Iam
    wrong, you have changed by perception Mr.Ranjith.
    I know some day my destiny would be to be a part of the Silver
    screen , although Iam not really trying for it and if it comes true,
    I wish
    you propose me an offer which would defenitely be a “dream come
    true” ! Iam damn sure about it !
    Let’s meet sooner !

  2. Waiting for a bangalore release this weekend

  3. watched the movie today from Bangalore. Don’t miss it. Great show by Aashiq Abu and crew.

  4. good movie .

  5. Best of 2011 after Traffic !

  6. Super movie……nalla rasakkoootu……………

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