Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | July 27, 2011

Meet Sathyanathan

This old collegue of mine,Sudheendran inspired me to create Sathyanathan in Passenger.

Read his story here.

Sad that they made Kingspeech.Else would have defenitely made another one on him!



  1. Hi Ranjith,

    Happy to read this article.

    Though it was bit lengthy, I loved reading it, as I was(at times, I am) a stammerer 🙂

    Like him, I had also faced similar situations in my life, multiple times.

    I strongly believe that the “stammering fear” developed in a child
    is just bcoz of the teasing he experiences from people around him. People always try to make fun of a stammerer by imitating him.

    Unknowingly his well wishers also contribute to this fear feeling, by telling “he has a stammering problem” to others in front of him.

    These situations force him to become a reserved person, even though he doesn’t like to be so.

    According to me, the society should be given treatment to avoid creating stammerers.
    I have never tried any of the speech therapies yet.
    Stammering might be hereditary. My father always tells that he & my elder brother had this problem in their childhoods.

    Now, I have observed starting of stammering in my bro’s 3 year old son.

    I always tell (sometimes I shout on) my family members when I see they try to correct him “Say Kappi, not ka ka ka kappi”

    BTW, I couldn’t find any resemblance with Sathyanathan & Sudheendran by reading that article.
    I would be great if you can share your experience on Sathyanathan’s characterization.


  2. Thanks for sharing.

    Bought AS DVD last week. My son repeatedly watches the theme song 🙂

    salil drishyan

  3. >>Sad that they made Kingspeech.Else would have defenitely made another one on him!

    You mean, in malayalam there is no copycats ? C’mon.. Chappa Kurish is the latest so called “inspired from” kind of movie.. and we have seen Amal neerad movies and even widely priced Cocktail !!

  4. Nice article. Even me too got the AS DVD last week. Yet to watch !!

  5. Yes no similarities with the sathyanathan you saw in passenger from this write up.
    Sudheendran lived in avittathur,we used to sit in same cubicle.
    He never missed avittathur ulsavam 9th day,he regularly slept in train on the sound of train crossing chalakkudy and alwaye bridges..
    Interestingly he was one man who always told me this cud be a gud movie all the while i was struggling to make it.

    • Thats great. 🙂
      Nice to read that…


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