Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | November 29, 2011

Writing a Screenplay..

Best part about writing a screenplay..
U wake up every morning fixing earlier issues and thinking its perfect now..
By night u realize there is so much more to improve..
Sleepless nights figure out some solutions..
Small sleep wakes u up fresh into another day..
And cycle repeats..
Until u start shooting!!



  1. you mean the nights during the shoot is much easier?? 🙂

    • 🙂

  2. Good to read the updates. How come I never get a reply for my email :(. Must b too busy writing.

    just curious..

    • dont remember seeing ur emails baiju!

  3. Hi there! Ranjith, i fwd it again at Thanks for the reply.

  4. sir, njaan ippol oru thirakkathayude panippurayilaanu,enikku cinema fieldil aareyum ariyilla, enne onnu help cheyyamo?, ente kadha oru cinemaayayi kanan valya aagrahamund sir. saarine onnu neeril kaanuvan pattumo?

    • I am completely held up with my new movie nowfal.We could meet after its done.

    • thank u sir

  5. sir i am a neurotechnologist working in amrita hospital i like your attitudes towards films. i wish to meet you to disscuss a new story. can u arrange a meeting. I think you had no bad habits of film makers.

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