Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | December 1, 2011


For sure what we still need is tolerance guys!Awareness is important but politicizing this is not gonna help.

The issue can only be solved by dialog between two parties, bureaucratically/judicially.

Provocative statements against TN/Burning anything tamil dont think is going to help the cause.Neither the huge cry against superstars for not taking a stand on this.Imagine a situation when malayalam superstars start talking for kerala and tamil super stars for tamilnadu!!!And national media twisting their bytes and celebrating it for weeks!!This becomes totally another issue altogether then bringing people virtually to streets!!

Only parties who would be gaining wud be media TRPs!!

We more want the issue solved!!!

In the instant anger please dont spread fear and hatred.Instead turn the energy into something productive.Start an online campaign,get it signed by all supporters and forward to PM than posting a picture of burning tamil newspaper in ur sites!



  1. u r ri8 sir…. 🙂

  2. Very true, Ranjith!!! I wish Mr. Aashiq Abu reads your blog. He was the one who first complained that none from the malayalam film industry voiced their opinion other than Rima Kallingal.

  3. malayalam ethuvare padichille kashtam

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