Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | January 1, 2012


Thats the new movie guys..

Prithviraj and Fahad fazil are going to play the male leads.

It will have 5 songs by a new composer Anand Madhusoodanan.

Its a simple love story.

Expecting all your support and prayers..

Have a terrific 2012 ..!!



  1. Fahad & Prithvi …Great combination !!! Expecting a great movie. All the best

  2. […] Posted by EL Mariachi Aa blog address onnu tha DC… vayikatte Mayflower Thats the new movie guys.. Prithviraj and Fahad fazil are going to play the male leads. It will […]

  3. Again with prithvi?? thaanga mudiyale saami.

  4. We expect a thrilling fiilm. Keep the quality. Passenjer& arjunan are good works. Try best. Best wishes 4 u& ur & our may flower………..

  5. Best of luck 🙂

  6. All the very very best….

    salil drishyan

  7. prithvi and fahad gud combination…expecting a gud mvie

  8. great Ranjith or Passion for Cinema guy

  9. Best Wishes Ranjith. Its an interesting combo – Fahad and Prithvi. Fahad has great potential. Please tell Prithvi to stop talk less and work more. On one sid he does useless movies like Tejabhai and Thanthonni and on the other hand he rubbishes movies like Annan-Thampi. Kai illathvan viral illathavane kuttam parayarthu ennu parayanam pls.

    When you said that you would announce the details first on this blog, I expected something different because the name Mayflower and Prithviraj doing it appreared on different websites atleast 6-7 months back itself. Was that a leaked information?

  10. All the best

  11. MAYFLOWER page at

  12. […] […]

  13. Wishing you a very happy new year,and all the best for your new movie.ARJUNAN SAKSHI was a good attempt,but a rather half baked climax made the movie a failure at the box office 😦 .But i did like the movie.Anyways,this time please concentrate more on making a perfect script without any loose ends.TC,BYE 🙂

  14. All the best 4 may flower.

  15. […] Renjith Sankar, the Director of ‘Passenger’ and ‘Arjunan Sakshi’ is back !!  Ranjit combines with Prithviraj and Fahad Fazil  in his next movie, which is being titled as ‘Mayflower‘.  Prithviraj was also the hero in Ranjit’s previous film- ‘Arjunan Sakshi’.  Ranjit announced the details regarding ‘Mayflower’ through his Blog. […]

  16. Thanks Guys.

  17. Ranjithetta…All the best…Make a good come back….we all are here to support….

  18. saw someone commenting about teja bhai here…
    c’mmon dint u see gud mvies like veetilekkulla vazhy,irupee,urumi,manikyakallu by pritvi last year?
    if mlal can do shit lyk china town and marubhoomi y blaming pritvi alone for doing stuff like teja?
    with gud directors pritvi can do wonders….

  19. pinne big mouthing s nt a problem with pritvi alone….we have guys lyk asif ali who talk big and make a fool of himself by doing stuff lyk asuravithu…!

    • Mr. Nikhil, neither asif ali nor the superstars have commented on prithvi’s hopeless movies. My point is how can he complain about Annan Thampi when he does a Tejabhai? Either do only movies like Indian Rupee and then comment. By the way Urumi was a bullshit movie. Mr. bigmouth when he comments on others, should first look within himself as well. Within the second day of the release of tejabhai, he proclaims on asianet that the movie is already a big success… naanamilallo… atleast asif doesnt do that..

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