Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | January 10, 2012

Your hangout pictures

If you would like to include your casual hangout pictures in Mayflower please send in the same.
It can from your college days,picnics,office celebrations,casual parties,family moments..anything you wish.
Can assure you all will find a place prominently in the movie:)..
Send in your snaps at

Also a teaser music bit is added in MF website.
Check it out.



  1. your really great….please concentrate on good stories.Do some thing new…make movie as infotainment (information and entertainment) also check your e mail….plz

    Gokul Ginesh B

  2. Hello Ranjithsankar,
    It’s truly amazing that a person from an IT background has made a mark in the cine industry by leaps and bounds. You have inspired the youngsters of today to chase their dreams. Hats off 😉 we (team migpeg) are a groupbunch of youngsters set out with a mission of getting our city of Kochi one step closer to the outside world. We would be greatly obliged if we could pen down your thoughts through our site. Kindly let us know your conveniance. 🙂

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