Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | January 19, 2012

MF Update


There maybe one major casting change in MF.
Will update it here first!:)




  1. ayyo prithviraj mariyo?

  2. Dear Ranjith… Please do not change Fahad even if you have to change Prithviraj. Fahad rocks!!! Humble Request

  3. The only cast you annouced are prithvi and fahad. i hope its not fahad. change prithvi, but pls dont change fahad.

  4. please dont change prithvi…fahad ithu vare act cheytha padangal onnum vijayikkathathu kondu pulliye mattyalum kuzhappam illa..pinne change prithvi ennu paranju post unna suhruthukkal mikkavarum

    1.torrent il mathram malayalam padam kanunnavarum
    2.blind praj hatred vachu pularthunnavarum akanam…

    ivarude ochapadonnum theatre il onnum angane kanarilla….

    mikkavarum malayalam cinemakalum first week il thanne kanunna ekm nivasiyaya oru cinema praanthan……!

  5. dear nikhimenon.. chappa kurishu & cocktail thaangal kanditttille? hit alle? pinne thaangalku hit maathrame nokkan ariyuvengil pinne prithvi ku pagaram santhosh pandit ne vachaal mathiyallo.. atleast krishnanum radhayum was a bigger hit than tejabhai. pls stop posting these kind of personal comments. it is none of your business to find where others go and see movies. thaangal aano keralathile theatre association president? chill out dude..

  6. noby..
    both chappa kurishu and cocktail are flops f ts the theatrical collections are what yu are talking about..(rights vechu break even ayo ennullathu s a different matter and since i dont know milan jaleel or listin stephen personally,i dont know t either).pakshe enikku kooduthal istapettathu their original versions aya BUTTERFLY ON A WHEEL and handphone anu…f yu havent seen them ts okay,they are available here in mumbai…

    pinne y are yu so insecure about my comments here?
    pinne dont blabber about krishnanum radhayum here…
    i personally know why that movie was made in the first place…
    dude ,dont tell me that the movie was a big hit…
    i know how much t collected…
    njan alla theatre association nte president,but one of my close relatives is a member of the cine exhibitors federation…
    prithviraj nte theja bhai mathrame thankal kandittullu enkil enikku onnum parayanilla…

    njan thankale vykthiparamayi akramikkan ueshichitilla…but one thing s there,pritviye kari vari thekkan online il kure naalayi shramankal thudangiyittu..thankal atharakkaran anonnu i dont know….
    but i have seen many… facebook,et al…
    there s a limit to everything….
    ee online abuse kondu praj inu onnum sambhavikilla ennu ellarkum ariyam..but athu kandu veruthe irikkan ini ayale istapedunnavar ellavarum thayarakilla…thats all….

  7. ps- this comment box is moderated by the blog owner….he wont publish the comments f they are found in appropriate,so yu can also chill out my dear friend noby…
    discussion closed (from my side)

    by the way i do agree that FAHAD IS a good performer/actor..was just talking about the case in which a replacement s inevitable..

  8. Thanks for closing from your side. relief!!! your liking or not liking of handphone & butterfly is irrelevant to everyone. You don’t need to exhibit your knowledge of hollywood films here. If copying is what you intended to say, fyi anwar was also a copy of Traitor. And mind you, hollywood movies are available everywhere, not just in your mumbai. Come on man.. grow up! Your comment that anyone who criticizes prithvi on internet sees movies only on torrent is extremely foolish and naive. If so, then you should also be seeing Fahad’s movies on torrent, is it? And your relative might be cine exhibitor or whatever, so what? Athukondu ellavarum pedichu nadakkano?

  9. And btw, i know that the comments are moderated. That’s why I have every right to say what I feel. So why do you raise an objection?

  10. prithviraj and fahad are great actors……

  11. Prithviraj is a man of integrity, but not a good actor.

    Fahad is a good actor, but yet to prove himself in diverse roles.All the characters fahad chosen were safe, I would have liked him in the role of vineeth in chappakurish, or in the role of anoop menon in cocktail. Fahad always gives a grumpy boy kinda look, lets just hope that doesnt becomes his style.

  12. Nikhil Menon, I saw your comments in several websites promoting malayalam cinema. Keep it Up Bro

  13. arjun,
    thanks for the compliment..
    though i wud like to disagree with yu in one point…rather than sayin pritviraj s a bad actor,i wud say that he s a directors actor.coz he has given the worst ever acting ever in recent tyms in movies like thanthonni,tejabhai(to an extent) et al but wenever he has got good directors like ranjith,padmakumar to guide him he has given very gud performances..
    nanadanam,vasthavam,indian rupee for instance

  14. coming to fahad,i agree with yu cent percent

  15. Yup, Varun u said it. I will also say that Prithvi is the first young actor who carved a niche for himself in the industry when all his co-actors were struggling. But Prithvi is really confused about what he should do here and what exactly is his role. I expected a different kinda work from Prithvi rather than following Mammotty and lal. maybe thats why i got dissappointed with him

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