Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | February 1, 2012

MF Cast n Crew Updates

Prithviraj and Jayasurya are going to play the main leads.Kalabhavan Mani plays another key character.Sorry but the first look will have to wait for some technical reasons!P Sukumar is going to do the cinematography.

I am launching a small production house called “Dreams N’ Beyond” which will produce Mayflower with ample support from my cast n crew.August Cinemas will bring Mayflower to theaters.

Will keep you posted on happenings.



  1. Great news Ranjith

  2. great..jayasurya with pritvi,obviously the trade prospects of the movie seems better now….if made on a realistic budget the movie can become a profitable venture even before ts release t seems…
    ranjith,pls concentrate on the content rather than going for exotic locales (which s a norm these days)et al,coz the audience have fed up of seeing style dominating over substance..
    all the best for the movie..
    wishing the team all the best…

    • Was really waiting to see a simple love story from prithvi… It makes me double happy to hear that jayettan is also a part of the movie… All the very best… Hope it will be a simple movie without star shows…

  3. All the best, Ranjith! Wishing you all success. “Dreams N’ Beyond”..athu kalakki 🙂

  4. looks promising Ranjith, Like varun,said, kindly concentrate on screenplay.all the very best. may God Bless this project

  5. the confidence to produce the movie himself shows that this is a sure winneer

  6. Great News Ranjith. All the best. Hope the movie would be Above nd beyond..

  7. All the best for the project…

    Prithvi-Jayasoorya combo is after a long gap..alle?

    After going through most of the recent times…just one thing to say is..

    “All good films are born on a table”

    Let it be a sensible script..just like ur previous two..

  8. Jayasoorya would be one of the intelligent actor of our generation. Loved his performance in Cocktail nd Beautiful. Hope he would play a meaty role in Mayflower as well. Excited. Where is the location??

  9. Dear Ranjith,

    Just loved your first two films. As you know, AS was not received by a part of the audience. I did love the concept of the movie very much. It was fresh and not cliche’d. What I hated about the movie was the part were Prithivraj, portrayed as an ordinary man in the movie, started doing the “super star” action sequences. And, there was the car attack sequence which suited only Rajnikanth, and not Arjunan.

    We have high expectations on you. So, please do concentrate on the screenplay, and please don’t compromise on the super stardom, especially since August Cinemas are part of the production. Its the curse of malayalam movie these days.

    All the best.

  10. //please don’t compromise on the super stardom, especially since August Cinemas are part of the production. Its the curse of malayalam movie these days. //

    as jane said,please concentrate on the script.And talking abt august cinemas,their first two production ventures were very gud films and hope they continue the same with MF.Indian rupee suceeded even though it had no ‘super star’ gimmicks associated with it.So all the best ranjith sankar,if the script s gud,MF s gonna rock….!

  11. Ranjithetta….All the best to you and mAyFloWer team…… 🙂

  12. all the very best… ee mayflower poothu vidarnnu sugandham pozhikkunnathinaayi kathirikkunnu….

  13. belated birthday wishes,PFC…

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