Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | February 16, 2012

Dreams N’ Beyond Website



  1. Cool..some how I felt, “Dreams” is missing in the Logo 🙂
    all the best !!

  2. watched this beautiful movie named ee adutha kalathu the pther day from ekm..ts a must watch…

  3. Hi Ranjith,
    Its been a while since I checked your blog. Its a good news again for us. Wishing you all the very best for your new movie and your small production venture. 🙂

  4. Thanks guys..

    • hi ranjith… it would be nice if you could post blogs more frequently. its been a while since you provided any update on mayflower.

  5. dear sir,

    iam praveen form abudhabi, i would like to say one story to u, if u dont mind kindly inform me how can i tell u the story,,,,,,,pls

  6. I recently watched Arjunan Saakshi. As a viewer I feel like being too preachy on any social issue is a bit annoying, especially when the lead protagonist starts going on and off on his “do the right thing” monologue. It might work in the theater (stage plays) but cinema is a different medium and I think its better to convey what ever “message” you have through that audio-visual space. Show us your characters and their environment as it is. And let us be the judge. But don’t forget to make us laugh, cry, think, or be happy.

  7. Will u give chance for new comers sir.

  8. Wil u give chance for new comers sir??

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