Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | June 18, 2012

2 days for molly!

2 days to molly shoot..Had been real hectic last couple of weeks..Somehow things seem to fall in place right in time for molly aunty:)

Anand n Rafeeq has done a great job with Songs I think.Bawa is already on with the art work molly needs…sujith with camera and equipments.Sameera is ready with the costumes..Vinod with the production control..Anil is busy sitting in US and designing how molly can be further reached!

So things are set.We will start shooting on thursday in Chittilenchery,a village near Palghat.Thats where Molly Aunty works and the place where she is destined to meet Pranav!

Molly Aunty Rocks! will be Dreams N Beyonds maiden production( .Mayflower was intented to be the first,in the bargain we got Molly.Not a bad bargain at this stage it seems..

Will be in touch during shoot with updates..Feel quite relaxed strangely before a shoot..Positive sign to begin with!

Keep Molly in your prayers guys..!!



  1. Good luck Ranjith… 🙂

  2. All the best Ranjith. Waiting for an outstanding movie.

  3. All the best ….

  4. Good Luck! Looking forward to a great performance from Revathy and Prithvi. Keep us posted on how the shooting goes.

  5. it wil be fun… go for it mann …

  6. Looking forward for a great movie from you and very eager to see dear dear revathi

  7. All my best wishes Ranjith Sankarji….

  8. Chittilenchery, Hmmmm……. sounds interesting. All the best for the project, Ranjith. Convey my regards to Manoj.

  9. My prayers and wishes to you dear Ranjith. May you succeed in what you do:)

  10. We are waiting for the next movie of Ranjith, who directed Passenger and
    Arjunan Sakshi…. Expecting more… 🙂

  11. all the best renjith sir….Sumith (NeST)

  12. i love ranjith sir acting

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