Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | July 23, 2012

Meet Adv Salim in Molly Aunty

First day Mamukoya came for shoot we had a small chat at breakfast table.
One of the team members checked with the mess person whether the food is hot.
Mamukka immediately replied for the mess person that its made by a mess unit waking up at 4 AM so that we all have food on time!So its tough for it to be very hot!
That was the first talk..
It was a honour and privilege knowing and working with his great actor and human being..

Meet Adv Salim here.The man behind is a lot lot more!!!



  1. He is a wonderful actor…His filmography is the living excellency for the maestro- Be it the Arabic teacher in “Doore Doore oru koodu koottan” or the gafoorka in “Nadodikaattu” or the “hamsakoya of Ramji rao ” to the latest Ustaad Hotel- he is amazing. The scene at which he tells Tilakan – “Charithram Aavarthichu” was superb. You are so lucky-you got a chance to direct him-congrats!!!

  2. Dear ranjith,

    Expecting another gud movie.can I have your email I D.please send to a PM.


  3. The character portrayed by Mamukkoya was so different from what we have seen from him in his whole career. I feel that this one is undoubtedly the best mamukkoya character i have seen and it was surprising for me to see that mamukkoya has done it so brilliantly….

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