Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | August 15, 2012

Molly Cool Song

200th post in wordpress..Its been a beautiful journey guys!

See the cool molly here ..

Will write more on the song and the making of molly soon..Deep neck into post prodn:)



  1. That is really nice & cooooooooooool song….
    Many many thanks to you once again for this trend setter and that tooooo with my favourite actor revathy…….
    1. The song is really peppy;
    2. Visuals are a treat to watch- palakkad and nearby places have been captured in so well – Nice to see the “Green” environment
    3. People will identify all the characters with their friends/colleagues,etc
    4. Even minute details have been paid attention like : When molly aunty drives the car, the lock/unlock is heard…this volume can be increased a bit to realize that; I could hear it only when i heard in laptop, the sound of car beep could not be heard in television….
    5. Most important of all, one seems to fall in love for molly aunty’s character – she has a beauty of her own which seems is perfectly played by Revathy
    6. The song is refreshing and the voice also is new and nice

    None 🙂

    Ranjith, you should really share your experiences of making this movie… This movie shall surely ROCK…

  2. You had mentioned you will write more on the song & the making of molly soon..Gentle reminder 🙂

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