Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | August 26, 2012

MAR Theatrical Trailer

Its here!

A journey which started on June 21st!

65 days of joy,madness,pain,struggle,tension,fun,teamwork..

And the result so far looks almost like this.:)

Another 18 days to go!!






  1. Prithviraj allathey vere nalla actorsine onnum kittyille thanikku?

  2. when is it releasing in Bangalore

  3. it s really admirable that a malayalam comercial movie happened without any negative elements. my 8 year old child said me, ”amma, there s no heroes and villainmar”. Thank u for a good film. but direction and camera – pora.

  4. Sir
    My name is Manu and i wish to discuss two story thread
    with you.
    Sir please give me a chance for the meeting.
    i have no contacts in film field so i think this
    is the only way to contact


    Thanking you

  5. A very nice movie…Leaves you thinking and the message of the movie will definitely haunt you…As Molly Aunty asks ” Can’t there be a law/method in our country to do charity without publicity”

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