Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | October 4, 2012

The MAR Experience

Sorry for not writing here for long.Was into lot of things post MAR release.

Almost 25 days into MAR release.It feels calm:)

It was a very difficult decision to make MAR to begin with.To set up a production house and try executing a movie like MAR first time was no easy task.

It all started with a meeting with Revathy for Mayflower.She loved Mayflower but refused the role offered as she had mentally decided only to act in those movies which made her think as an actor.It was a first experience for me,no actor had turned down a role I had offered so far:)..She provoked me asking why only in India commercial scripts dont get made with women over 50 as central character!The present day middle aged indian woman has lot to her than juz being a mother,wife,doctor,advocate..

Thus MAR started.It started with the thought why do you need to pay taxes?Whats that our system giving us in return?
I wanted to place the protagonist as someone simple,witty and relatable as much as possible.The search ended with my friend Anil Kurien(Project Desgner of MAR) telling me about his aunty,molly aunty who works in a bank in Kochi.The first visual which striked me was a 50 plus woman running after a car trying to stop it and hurting her leg in the process.The incident actually happened in kochi.I plotted it to Nenmara near Palakkad.

The script evolved very fast.I went to prithvi to play Pranav roy.He agreed to not only act but to distribute the film as well.!

27 days of shooting!I can proudly say that the film you see now is a product of some fantastic team work.A young and vibrant team who stood by me all through the journey!Sujith vasudev,Lijo Paul,Anand Madhusoodanan,VInod shornur.Manoj Poonkunnam,Arun chanthu..list goes on and on.

Many said after release there is no reference to MAR.That was indeed the kick in going for it all out.I have reaslied by now that I will have to live with the bagage of passenger for the rest of my life:)Many found MAR better than passenger,many found it lesser..but majority of the viewers enjoyed MAR if I go by the feedbacks.The reception in USA and across south in chennai,blore has been heartening as well.

MAR releases across North tomorrow and in Singapore,NZ,Aus etc on 25th.

To sum it up,MAR will always remain a special movie in my life.

It has given me confidence in leaps and bounds as a film maker to go ahead and attempt movies I believe in.

Thanks Guys!!

And its going to be Mayflower next!Dreams N Beyond will be producing it after MAR.Will update on the rest pretty soon!!



  1. Nice to read about this..MAR is indeed a great movie…No matter whether it is a box office hit or not. It is a simple entertainer with lovable characters throughout especially MOLLY…All the people who saw it so far loved it…It definitely deserved much more reception…In my opinion, it would have got a better run if movies like TL and HIG did not release immediately. Anyway, you can be proud of your piece of work.
    Looking forward to more updates from you…Also, would like to know your work experience with veterans like Revathy, Mamukoya, KPAC Lalitha, etc

    • Hi Ranjith,
      Suprisingly, you have replied to everyone other than the first person who commented on the blog. Waiting for your reply on this one 🙂

    • :))
      How u doing priya?

    • Fine:) Very happy to know good response from all over for MAR. Congrats and hats-off for having the courage to do this movie and also for making such a feel-good entertainer.
      Looking forward to more updates from you…Especially, would like to know your work experience with veterans like Revathy, Mamukoya, KPAC Lalitha, etc. PLEASE DO SHARE

  2. Hi Ranjith, along with the DVD of the movie can you release it in the net via youtube(pay per view) or Netflix so that people can watch the movie legally abroad. There are lot of places in the US where the movie was not released. UTV has done the same for “GrandMaster” movie by making it available on Netfix.

    • Doubt it thats possile.Will try.Catch it from a theater thre suraj!

  3. loved the movie.. all the best for mayflower. looking forward to it..

    • Thanks Rohit:)

  4. MAR is a great family movie. You can safely go to the theater with your full family. A clean movie with rocking performances. Thanks for making MAR.
    All the best for Mayflower.
    As a creative person we cannot satisfy every one in this world. make movies which will make you the first fan of the movie :).
    Passenger is a movie of past. As I mentioned in one my comment during AS days: You can’t compare Apple with an Orange and crib about its sour taste compared to Apple 😉

    • Thanks Sijith

  5. MOLLY AUNty really rocks.. Loved watching the movie and seeing the performances of veteran actors like KPAC lalitha, MAMMUKKOYA ( VERY MUCH!!!! ) and of course one of my favorite actress : REVATHY.. i loved your previous movie Arjunan Saakshi for the realistic approach you had to it. With this one, you are back with a BANG!!! ALL THE VERY BEST FOR MAYFLOWER.. Hope thats also a fresh narration with some supergud performances. GudLuck

    • Thanks Jijo:)

  6. Hello Ranjith…… This is Raju from New Jersey. Watched MAR in Newtown, PA last weekend. Congratulations on a very clean feel good movie. Most of the actors were apt for the roles and it was nice seeing familiar places in and around Nemmara. Is that Manoj’s house that you have shown as Molly Aunty’s? And obviously it was his clinic. Great effort and we are proud of you. Convey our regards to your parents. All the best and may you scale greater heights in years to come…… Bye for now.

    • Thanks Raju,Ya it was manojs house and clinic:)

  7. Hi Ranjith,
    watched MAR and really the film rocked me. u are really growing with each film and the pefection level in MAR was much better than your first movie. Keep it up ranjith

    Sudhi nair (Bangalore)

    • Thanks sudhi

  8. Hello Ranjith , Gibi and Mammen here . Happy to see you do well.

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