Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | October 30, 2012

MAR 50 Days

50 days of MAR:)

Was in Singapore last week with the molly release there.Attended a screening.Nextgen singapore is doing a good job marketing malayalam movies there.

USA MAR did some 100 shows already all over NJ,NY,Phoenix,Chicago,Dallas etc and still going strong.I am told its screening 30 odd shows this week as well.

Outside kerala it did fantastically in bangalore and chennai..Mumbai and north not as good but still had an audience.

Still continuing in few major stations in kerala..

What we set out to achieve when we launched Dreams N Beyond was a situation where films can be made cost effectively or cost free..An ideal scene where one person does not stand to lose physical money out of it.If any loss occurs it should be the effort of core people behind the film.

We achieved more than what we set out to do in MAR.It has not only brought in our remunerations but decent profits as well.Most importantly majority of the audience were happy watching MAR.

Thats loads of positive energy to continue on our journey guys..

Thanks for all the support,prayers and blessings!!We will try our best to come out with more entertaining movies with something new in them!!!



  1. ‘Dreams N Beyond’ Rocks Big time….Keep going to greater strengths 🙂

    • 🙂

  2. Hey Ranjith

    Its glad to kno that MAR really rocks at the box office.U r the one who really started the “NEW GENERATION” ERA actually……but wat i understand from u is u have to take of your official (Job related) commitment as well.

    Well…its high time to hang up the job and concentrate fully on films.Actually i wanted to talk to u in detail during last sunday’s flight from S’pore(Am Raoof here from Vazhakkala,sat next to u in the flight) but then i thought u r tired cos of the week long journey and its not good to disturb u wen u r around with ur family.

    Want to discuss something related to movies…..Kindly give me ur phone no:.


    • Sure raoff

  3. Congratulations Ranjith…For sure, Mollyauntyrocks is a family entertainer without vulgarity, violence and gimmicks…It is nice to note that it is nearing 50 days and hope that it continues for a much longer time…Looks like it is being received very well overseas. Congratulations 🙂

    • thanks priya

  4. Ranjith just one comment – there were so many families and friends who wanted to see MAR @ Bangalore – but some issues with the multiplex tand due to which it didnt release in lot of centers – we had to travel 45 minutes to catch the movie @ Innovative but definetely the returns would have been great if it had released in more centers – i for sure know definitely as our aprt complex is 3000 apts in whitefield and out of which easily 100 families wanted to watch it

    • ok.will work on it next time.

  5. Congratulations… Hard work reaps….:-)

  6. Dear Ranjith,
    I watched MAR recently and I really liked it. May be being a malayalee woman living in US, I could relate to the story very well. You are a great story teller. In your movie, you nicely portrayed the stigma associated with a woman being independent in Kerala. Also, I like the fact that your movies don’t have cheesy romance and duet songs that we are tired of seeing over and over.

    • Thanks a lot!

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