Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | December 31, 2012

Dreams N Beyond

***(Reproduced from my column)

Way back in 2008 on the new year eve I wrote on my blog how I want to spent it alone watching movies and the never ending desire to make passenger. 2009 eve I purposefully spent in front of a computer creating a new website myself,I was unhappy I hadn’t started shooting!2010 eve I was in a television channel remembering passenger.2011 eve was with Arjunan Saakshi promotions.2012 eve was in dubai dreaming of Dreams N Beyond(

Come 2013!!Its no longer important how you are going to spend it, right?.Most of us has already realised its just another day. But why skip a celebration!

For film industry and trade it’s the time of looking back, analysis, awards etc. I still remember how excited I used to watch filmfare awards late night as a kid, wait for yearend reports …The excitement has kind of withered away these days ..Maybe with the emergence of so much of media around you. Also it has become quite routine exercise oflate.Who knows it was the same earlier as well! It may be just getting to know the waters closely.

Got many feedbacks to my last column and many felt it was offending and against Assistant directors.Was never my intention ofcourse.I have immense respect for Assistant directors as I personally know the effort they put behind each movie.It was another point of view, that’s all. I can see 1000s of aspirants who will be in my same state of mind as 2008 or 2009.My humble advise to all of you will be to keep working every day towards improving your script than getting frustrated.Vent all your frustrations into making that script more and more perfect.And just keep that fire in you going. Cinema will happen. This was something Sathyan Anthikkad told me very very long back.I felt it was absurd.How can cinema happen like that?But it happened you see!!How many orginal scripts get made every year?So if you have something unique no one is going to stop you.

Personally looking back at 2012 I can see lot of calmness around me,which is very reassuring.Molly Aunty happened and I could launch Dreams N Beyond.I have dreams about DNB.Probably its something as fulfilling to launch it as seeing passenger first on screen.I hope it can make many many more dreams come true.We plan to make 2 movies in 2013.Mayflower and another one where I will be only involved as a producer.So any of you having an outstanding script and hunting for a producer are free to contact us.

What more to ask from 2013?

More than Love,

Than fame,

Than money.

Than faith,

Than fairness,

Give me TRUTH!!

Have a terrific 2013 guys!!



  1. Wishing you too a Happy and Prosperous 2013…
    When is DNB gonna release?

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