Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | May 20, 2013

Sudhi Valmeekam

SV First look

Happy to announce Sudhi Valmeekam..
A journey of a special man we have been discussing for sometime now..
His story of love,laughter,friendship,struggles and happiness..
And yes,We are making Mayflower.The schedule and cast n crew of both will be announced soon.



  1. You are one of the very few film makers who makes film close to reality.. I liked all your works for that one reaseon ( including ARJUNAN SAAKSHI ) . I hope the team of you and Prithviraj brings out yet another remarkable film. Title n design looks refreshngly new.. All the very best for the Project. Hope it becomes a huge success mre than Molly Aunty Rocks 🙂 Gud Luck Sir.

  2. Dear Ranjit Sankar,

    Have seen all your previous movies. Passenger was a fresh and innovative attempt and it got its deserving success.
    Arjunan Saakshi was an above average flick which would have been a real success if it had a better climax and a better catchy NAME instead of the Puraana Naadakam style name Arjunan Saakshi. The name generated no interest in people. So the film flopped.

    Molly Aunty Rocks! was a good movie with good performances, but did the movie have enough content for a big screen movie? I believe it would have been better if made as a tele-film or serial.. ofcourse, the low production cost and satellite rights saved it.

    Now coming to Sudhi Valmeekam.. Here you go again!! How do u come up with such boring names?? Is it some KPSC drama made into film?? Such an prehistoric name for a new gen film? Unbelievable!
    The film maybe a geniune attempt and might bring you and Prithviraj accolades, but the film’s name is gonna be its biggest drawback and reason for audiences showing no interest to watch it.
    Please consider re-naming to something catchy or let some one else do the naming for your films.. Cheers!

    • Agree with this comment 100%. You definitely need a good title, and not these sort of historic ones.

  3. All the very best Ranjith!

  4. what’s in name,always look for good films,not names.

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