Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | November 8, 2014

Mammukka and Varsham

I met Mammukka first as the superstar way back in 2006 on Palunku movie set to narrate Passenger.Passenger did not happen.Thats an old story by now.

I met Mammukka after passenger with Varsham script.It did not happen then as well.Unilke passenger I couldnt think of any other actor who can do justice to venu.So I decided to wait:)

After Punyalan Agarbathis I again felt the urge to make Varsham.I met Mammukka again with the reworked script.He had tears in his eyes more than once in between the narration.Thats how it started.

We had so many meetings preshoot before Varsham.I started discovering the warmth in that person slowly as we started interacting very closely.He was not only that techy, stylish guy that we all know..That was just a periffery.Deep inside there was that wonderful human being with a great heart..a superb film maker,an amazing listener,the man with the best sense of music and screenplay..i can go on and on..The greatest thing about this living legend for me was that there still remains that simple,humble man in him despite being one of the biggest superstars of his times..

Couple of weeks before shoot he sent me a tamil short film.He asked me to see it for once,maybe i can get inspired.I saw it and wrote the Aamir holy water scene.:)The short film was nothing about it but that made me change that scene like that.Orginal scene ended where venu and nandini was in the balcony.Again he amazed me.A star of his stature watches tamil short films!!!

Shoot was a joy.The man was a pleasure.There was the mammukka who waited for me until 3 pm without lunch so that I can join him after my shots for a home cooked lunch from his home.There was the mammukka who changed my perspective to listening,reading and watching movies.There was the mammukka who made me think on the screenplay more and more making it more engaging.There was the mammukka,a great film maker.

He affected me in best ways a person can.Before shoot I normally talk to my wife for 2 mins on phone.Post shoot I started talking for atleast 15 mins.I started spending more time with my kids.He reminded me on my sons birthday to specifically take him to a chinese restaurant.No one could persuade me to join a gym so far but he gave me the most tempting reason.It increases your confidence man:)

Varsham will remain the dearest movie to me just for Mammukka.

It was a privilege knowing you Mammukka:)

Salute and Hats off..!!!



  1. ഇതുവരെയില്ലാത്ത ഒന്ന് ഇപ്പോ പ്രേക്ഷകര്‍ക്കുണ്ട്..
    ‘മഹാനടനം’ കാണാനുള്ള കൊതി..
    അത് തോന്നി തുടങ്ങിയാല്‍ പിന്നോരവേശമാണ്.. “വര്‍ഷം” കാണാനുള്ള ആവേശം.

  2. I read ur old posts at the time of passanger about mammukka, and ur interview in ‘The Hindu’. Even after encouraging u for years being a superstar, the indirect remark u made in the interview against him about superstardom was disguesting. Can u find another actor of his position in our industry who encourages experiments of newcomers as he does? But nice to hear that u knew him in person, though late!

    Varsham was a gud experience despite the flaws in script in the second half! Not that it was not good, but if it had that intensity the first half arised, it had the potential to be a much great movie! Thanks for the movie and all the best for ur upcoming projects!

  3. He is a true role model

  4. Hai Ranjith sanker,

    I watched the movie on the release day in abudhabi, I just to say thank you for giving such a good movie with awesome dramatic scenes, the main thing attracted to the movie is the casting mammootty and asha great pair, other small and big artists also performed well …really enjoyed a feel good movie after long time.

  5. Hi Ranjith

    Me watched “varsham” with my wife and kids last day and it was amazing to see my 7 years old daughter watch the whole movie at the late night show(it was the 10.45PM show at Oberon Mall Cinemax).
    Like your earlier movies, it did touch our heart and it was a pleasant experience watching the movie.
    Yes, mammukka has sincerely portrayed the character and at times you get a feeling that he is a real person and not an actor. Asha Sarath has also showed up a good performance to keep pace with Mammukka’s character and not to get shadowed.
    The only negative aspect I felt was that the second half was a bit more slower paced than I would have expected.
    Othrerwise it is indeed a very good movie and certainly transmits some thoughts in to parent’s minds..

    Congrats and Wishing you the very best in all future endeavours

  6. Hi Ranjith

    Iam not a big fan of any of the actors.But iam a movie person,I do love watching malayalam movies.But Varsham the bset family movie i watched since many years.It took me back to valsalyam where we do not see Mammooty we only see Raghavan and his family.The same kind of warmth and depth i could feel in Varsham,The way this great actor has touched our hearts in this movie is awsome.Asha Shareth also portrayed her character to keep pace with Mammotty.It would be really bad if i dont mention abt actor who played Venu’s Elder Brother,The support he gives to Venu ….shuld be immensly appreciated.The way these two actors showed the depth in brother relation has to be appreciated.


  7. Hi Ranjith,

    Seems like your old email address is not valid any more. Understandable.

    Could you please let me know your your knew address via an email message. I wrote to you an email message few minutes back and it bounced back to me undelivered.

    Thank you.


  8. After MUNNARIYIPPU … MAMMOOKKA rkz vth VARSHAM.. but MOVIE is good,,, not at all outstanding like AS or Pasngr……

  9. Hi Ranjith: I saw Varsham here in U.S. last weekend. All my friends and myself loved the film. About his inspired performance Mr. Mammootty in one of the channel interviews mentioned how you and your crew were able to roll the camera with minimum delay between scenes. Your choice of the supporting cast (who, how many) and filming locations (your hometown and nearby Irinjalakuda) were probaly factors in making this possible.
    Best wishes in your journey forward. Let me hope that you will continue to remain an unhurried, deliberate, meticulous and intelligent filmmaker and a role model to younger filmmakers. And whatever you can do to extract the best from our talented actors/actresses will make the most impact on the audience.

  10. waiting eagerly for the launch of DREAMS N BEYOND…
    kamal lohi 8547186919…
    pls give a chance to narrate a script sir….

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