Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | May 11, 2016


2 weeks to Pretham shoot.!

Pretham should be the 8 th or 9 th script I wrote in the genre. None got made before as I doubted their commercial possibilities at different times.Margin for error is very less in such films. And “when in doubt never do it” has always been the golden rule.

I played around with pretham idea for past couple of years and think the only reason I am attempting it now is that everytime I set it aside, it kept coming back.That’s a very positive sign for a film script. :)Another exciting factor in pretham was that I had never attempted a youth movie so far. And that pretham could be something very fresh for them in malayalam right now with the genre.

As other films I get this very positive feeling of everything falling into shape at the right time as i get ready to shoot. I am working with a relatively new team this time and new technology. That’s always exciting when you get to learn something new and meeting new people.

I hope I enjoy making it as much as my previous films.

And hope you have a rollicking time watching it..!!



  1. Pretham . Such a psycho film 🙂

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