Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | May 11, 2017

Raman releasing tomorrow

Why is it that I am feeling so very relaxed before a release..?

Probably because of the feeling that there is nothing more to be done from my part for raman… in terms of making and marketing. Everything has been as per plan.

Hope it does wonders to atleast few ppls careers who have given their heart out for this film. You guys will have to tell me who all tomorrow:)

Pls go with an open mind tomorrow guys. Hope Raman and his edanthottam satisfies you.

Fingers crossed!!



  1. All the very best, meanwhile Raman seems the least discussed topic on your wordpress blog. Impact of social media I guess.

  2. Dear Ranjith,
    I did not see Raman…but I read the storyline, and I saw the songs..and I know it is my story on screen. I don’t, as a rule, watch movies. The first reason I took notice is that several of my colleagues pointed out that Malini looks almost exactly like me – her jewellery, her clothes, the way she lines her eyes – I have the exact same ones and my style hasnt changed in the past decade.. Then I chanced across the plot – and I was stunned…. except that I am not a dancer, but a writer… and my Raman does not own a resort but does his own kind of an exciting job at which, I am proud to say, he is one of the best in the country.
    The only point where we deviate is that for me, I found happiness within my marriage… I learnt to get over my inhibitions, i found my own voice and my family now respects me for that.. My Raman is still very much a part of my life but we have decided that all our boundaries will ever remain sacred. He has taught me what it is to be a woman..
    I don’t dare see your movie now…but eventually I will. And thank you…but the coincidence is unbelievable.

    • Thank you kalanj.. happy for U!

  3. Watched the movie with my husband buying the video cd released. Felt sorry that couldnt watch the wayand beauty potrayed in big screen. A good movie with a strong content. Potraying transformation of a wife to a woman who enjoys freedom, selfrespect, her dreams loving her daughter and family is much difficult to convey to our society.
    Really liked and thanks for the movie.
    Best wishes for future projects.

  4. Saw raman wonderful movie, breath taking places. Sad did not catch it in theater . Thank you for this movie.

  5. Jhan Oru alvis anenna thirichariv thanenu thanks

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