Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | July 25, 2017

Punyalan private limited

One week to punyalan private limited shoot..

The story came about interestingly. In 2015 I had to accompany my wife for a PMO test in trivandrum. I suggested her to travel by train. It was a while I went in train. I insisted on train as I felt a story was about to come out,so a journey may help.

I travelled to trivandrum, saw a movie and on return train was hours late. Sitting in that station the story came out:)First draft of script was ready by the time I reached back Kochi.

It’s a big challenge indeed to create a 2nd part to a successful movie. No over confidence.No apprehensions either.

Looking forward to thrissur and shoot.

Going back to roots keeps you at peace, happy and grounded indeed..



  1. All the Best Ranjith Etta …..Waiting

  2. All the best ranji Etta…… katta waiting

  3. Ranjiyetta,
    Ithu kalakkum … no doubt !!!

    Sales il work chaiyyanavrde kadha athinte full swing il ithu vare malayalathil vannattilla..
    Njn sales il work chaiyyan aala ..

    Onnu kaanan patuo ..
    Pls …..

  4. All the best chetta

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