Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | December 17, 2017

Piracy and Malayalam cinema

Piracy is not a new word to Malayalam cinema. It has come in different forms before. First it was video cassettes,then VCDs,DVDs etc.But we are entering into the most disastrous phase of piracy for Malayalam cinema. Online piracy!

Online piracy is not a new term for us.But what has struck serious alarm for our cinema oflate is the way internet has made itself cost effective with the jio revolution. And the way it’s growing in the most alarming rate.

Earlier it used to take months for a pirated print to come, then it came down to a week,now its a day!!Its crores that goes wasted equally for producers, distributors, theatres and government. Still we can’t find a solution.Incase of punyalan private limited we fortunately had a bad print online.Sad fact if we have to depend on that “fortune”.Few days later our major X Mas films releases and they may leak online on the releasing days itself the way it’s progressing uncontrolled. Strange is the case of piracy where the stealers try to publicise their stealing and the owners try to hide it out of helplessness and fearing drop in collections.

Our private anti piracy teams found out it’s mostly done by 15 16 year old students for as cheap as 600 Rs or at times for few likes on their piracy links!They record from theatres in their mobiles and upload in sites.Simple as that. At times they get caught but our laws are so easy for them to come out and continue piracy more fearlessly. The cyber cell says they don’t have the power and expertise to track it!Our film associations and trying their best but yet to arrive on any success.

Few steps that could be possible to counter it as per experts.

1.Take down uncontrolled sites like Tamil rockers legally.Its a tiring process but possible with collective petitions in courts.

2.Get these sites banned in India through government intervention.They may come again in other urls, have a permanent team to track it and block it as well.

3. Similar to anti smoking campaign make ad films to be shown before films with serve warnings and awareness on piracy.

4.Implement laws strongly and punish those who are caught without sympathies.They are stealing sweat and efforts of 1000s and virtually killing an industry.

In todays times maybe piracy can’t be stopped but if we are unable to control it atleast we are looking at sad times ahead!



  1. We have tools to find out from the movie pirated. But its difficult to find who did it.
    All the DCI servers are using invisible watermark technology of Civolution ( It will help us to find from which screen its pirated with date and time.
    The producer can do this test either by contacting directly with Civolution Or through the service providers like Qube,Scrabble etc. Its a paid service.

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