Posted by: Ranjith Sankar | October 19, 2010

AS News

AS will kick off with a puja on November 1st.A one minute concept promo and the official website will be launched then.We are trying our best to get it to theaters by Jan end.

There are some updates in the cast n crew!!

Watch this space!



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  3. btw are you on twitter?

  4. All the very best Ranjith.

    salil | drishyan

  5. all the best Renjith sir……………….

  6. all the best

  7. All the best Maashe..Hope AS will bring new waves in Malayalam cinema. Repeating the request: please release the movie same time in Bangalore.


  8. Dear Sir,
    Wish you all the best,

    I wish your film will support the problems of every grass root humen being,

  9. Sir, I have sent an email to Please look into it. It is titled – “Plz give a feedback to this story”.

    Kindly look into it.

  10. wishes…we want “an entirely original” set of directors…
    so pls avoid i-wanna-be-a-holliwood-movie sort of film…

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